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The Whining Kent Pigs


Mom was never much of a housekeeper.

You Stinking Pigs!!!

Welcome to the official Whining Kent Pigs web site, the only place where you can find information on all things Kent.  Whether you want to read depressing news stories, see photos of piles of newspapers, discuss happy childhood memories, or try to work through those terrible visions of lifelong agony which have been haunting you for decades—this is the place to be!  Have a nice day you Stinking Pigs! 

Latest Updates To The Site:

11/24/15—Released Eternal Sunshine #107, the latest issue of my Diplomacy zine.  Find it in the Diplomacy section.


10/2/15—Released Diplomacy World #131, the latest quarterly issue of the flagship publication for the Diplomacy hobby.  Find it in the Diplomacy section.



Got a quote or news story or photo you think should be added to the site, or have questions or comments?  Let us know!  Email me at  Have a nice day you stinking pig!

Kayza—We will love and miss you forever.

Toby the Helpful Kitty — Now so famous that he has his own merchandise!

Sanka, a sweet fuzz-ball of love who thinks biting Doug’s legs is a fun game..

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Here is Miss Piggy, the newest member of our household.  She is so sweet and loving.  She loves the cats and gets excited every time she has the chance to meet a new person.