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(This page last updated on 05/23/2007)

Diplomacy World is a freely-distributed hobby zine.You donít have to mail in a subscription card, you donít have to pay for it.But we WOULD like to have a way to contact those who read it, especially to announce when a new issue has been released.The easiest way for us to do that, and for you to be notified, is for you to join the Diplomacy World Yahoo group we have created just for that purpose.I hope youíll consider joining.See below for some Frequently Asked Questions.


Join The Diplomacy World JACLIN.GIFYahoo Group and Mailing List


Q: Will I Get A Lot of Junk Email if I Join?


A: No.Our membership list is private, and can only be viewed by the moderators (currently Jim Burgess, Tim Haffey, Stephen Agar,and Douglas Kent).Only those moderators can post messages to the group.Currently we are averaging about one message a month.


Q: Why Should I Bother?


A: If you donít want to be notified when a new issue is released, you shouldnít.But if you enjoy Diplomacy World, this is a simple, free, and effective way for us to let you know when each new issue is released.Plus if you want to download some older issues, there are many available on the Yahoo group as well.


Q: Is this a good group to join a game?


A: No.The Diplomacy World group does not allow you to post messages.It offers no game openings.It is used solely for news about or related to Diplomacy World.There are plenty of other Yahoo groups where you can sign up for games of Diplomacy.


Q: Will spammers see my email address online?


A: Again, as mentioned above, no.Our membership list can ONLY be viewed by the moderators.



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