Eternal Sunshine #127

August 2017

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That’s all folks, the last ES game is done, and both games I took over from TAP are done (one was already done and one passed a draw after Jim Burgess passed away). 


If I ever decide to continue Eternal Sunshine I will let you know.  The Yahoo and Facebook groups will remain open, and any updates will be posted there.


Remember, the deadline for the next issue of Diplomacy World – which is the Jim Burgess tribute issue – is October 1.  Please consider writing a letter or a full tribute to Jim.  Of course, other Diplomacy-related material is also badly needed.


Eternal Sunshine Game Section


Diplomacy, “Milk and Trash”, 2015A, End Game

Concession to Germany Declared in Winter 1912



Diplomacy, “The Terry Tallman Memorial”, 2016A, End Game

DIAS Declared in Winter 1904



Terry Tallman (Austria): Austria-Hungary's play was chiefly influenced by Italy's Tyrolian army. Italy proved an amenable ally. Austria-Hungary stabbed Russia.


Not being attacked makes any player look smart, doesn't it? As long as this truncated game lasted, Austria-Hungary was lucky not to be attacked.


Hugh Polley (Germany): I was shattered when hearing of the passing of a player and GM I greatly admired!  My condolences go out to Jim Burgess family and friends.  When a GM passes I believe the game should end by DIAS if there is no clear winner or be awarded to players close to win.  Which is why I voted as I did.  I also believe when a player passes, the other players should award a solo to that player.


Everyone played game close to vest.  I went for an alliance with Russia which broke down after I aided his capture of Nwy, while he entered Pru then did not deliver Swe as previously agreed to by Treaty Contract.  Thaddeus without a doubt was the best diplomat in the game, he persuaded an Italy attacking France to combine on Mun.  Do not see how that helped the Italian position. If the Italians had not lead me to believe from his actions that he was firmly in the Austrian camp; I would have grabbed Paris or supported an attack on Mar given the French demand of Belgium around year 3. My last chance for a good finish ended when England attacked Bel instead of Nwy despite my promising a solid alliance with England against Russia and Austria/Italy.  Paul of France unfortunately was in no position to offensively ally with me, he was the most reasonable and agreement friendly of the players in the game. Thaddeus no doubt wonders why I did not make some of the moves he suggested; nothing kills trust with Austria like an unnecessary attack on Munich. 


Diplomacy, “The Don Williams 57 Memorial”, 2016A, End Game

Austria/Russia Draw Declared After Fall 1908



Brad Wilson (Italy): I was a late standby in a hopeless spot who toadied to Eric and Paul because they asked me to. Congrats to them for a well-played game. And to our late GM for a fun time; Mr. Burgess, you will be missed! So sad.


Paul Rauterberg (Russia): Well, the way this game started out was disappointing.  I misordered a key move, and my invasion of Austria met with a brick wall.  Eric seemed to anticipate my every move.  The key to bringing things back to rights was my double stab of Turkey and Germany.  I caught both of them napping, and I went right for their throats-- the home dots.  They never recovered. 


I had won a previous game as Russia, that time getting 21 dots without holding onto either St Pete or Scandinavia.  This time I resolved to start building up a northern fleet right away.  I benefitted from the length of time that it took Germany and France to finally subdue England.  I was getting closer to England myself before they ever eliminated poor Fred.


On the turn that I stabbed my erstwhile allies, I allied with Austria and Italy in the south.  Having Eric on my side was key, giving us time to quickly crush the German homeland.  Italy was slow in fulfilling his treaty obligations, and


AR was obliged to stab and subdue him as well.


After that, it became a tactical exercise.  I am proud to be the co-winner with Eric, who has been a good friend for 35 years.  We haven't always gotten along in games, but this time it was simply the logical thing to do.