Eternal Sunshine #151

December 2021

By Douglas Kent - 911 Irene Drive, Mesquite, TX  75149


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Quote of The Month“Ladies and gentlemen, will you stand please for the playing of our Corporate Hymn.” - (P.A. Announcer in “Rollerball”)


Welcome to Eternal Sunshine, as 2021 is coming to an end and 2022 is about to begin.  I really don’t have much to say this issue.  I’m not doing terribly or anything.  I simply can’t think of anything to write about.  It’s just been…another month.  Nothing special.  I did cook on Thanksgiving, for me and Sanka.  I skipped it last year because I was too depressed over Toby; having him around for Thanksgiving had been my goal, but heart failure took him suddenly (immediately after a week of sinusitis) so his other health problems never had the chance to finish him off.  As Toby’s favorite day of the year seemed to be Thanksgiving, I just didn’t have it in me. 


This year I went ahead and got the smallest turkey my local Kroger’s had, which was still a large 15 pounds.  As usual it’s free if you buy enough groceries, so cost wasn’t an issue.  That’s one of the reasons I never pay attention to news stories about how turkeys are more expensive: the chain grocery stores inevitably make the no-name turkeys free (as long as they’re frozen).  All you need to do is buy your normal groceries (and the extras you’ll need for the meal) and you can get to the price point ($75 or $100) fairly easily.  Get it a week in advance, and you can thaw it immediately in the fridge.


It didn’t even seem worth the trouble, but what the hell, I made the turkey.  And my other usual accompaniments like stuffing (in the bird, based on my Das’s old recipe), cheddar rolls, and corn.  I don’t make most of the other popular stuff.  When I was still married, Heather loved a particular kind of green beans with ham hocks, so I’d make that, but alone it’s not on my personal “need” list.  Oddly, while Sanka loves chicken and turkey, she used to just wait and eat it when I called her.  Now that Toby is gone, this year she took over his job of crying all day for food because of the smell while it’s cooking.  She was happy enough when it was finally done. 


I guess that’s it from me for now.  Happy New Year.  See you in 2022! 

Game Openings

Diplomacy (Black Press): Signed up:  None.  Needs seven to start.


By Almost Popular Demand:  Ongoing.  Join in and play NOW!


Where in the World is Kendo Nagasaki?: Ongoing.  Join in and play NOW!


Also in Andy York’s Subzine – You can find his ongoing “Hangman, By Definition” and Facts in Five, plus an opening for Breaking Away.


Standby List: HELP!  I need standby players! – Current standby list: Andy York, Andy Lischett, Paul Milewski, Harold Reynolds, Jack McHugh, Brad Wilson, Graham Wilson.


Meet Me in Montauk

The Eternal Sunshine Letter Column


Mark Nelson: My computer wouldn't download the PDF version of the issue as it claimed there was a security risk,

so for the first time I read the html version.


[[No specific idea why it would do that other than my web site is not https.  I’m not going to spend the extra money to have it secure.  But anyone who ever has a problem can email me and I’ll gladly email them the pdf version.  If you’re on Facebook it is also available there.  With all that said, even when visiting sites I am familiar with, if my computer says a site it risky, I often don’t visit it.]]


I put my hand up to proclaim that I am guilty of downloading free PDFs that I will never read. In my case

they are various piano books/sheet-music which I download with the intention of using them sometime

in the never-never when I have more free time than I have now. In theory, that's when I retire. But do

academics ever really retire and free up more time for other activities... I suspect not.


[[There’s no shame in downloading free stuff you never read.  And after all, the author makes it free by choice, as I did.  And I can say that it’s far better to fill up a hard drive with things you never get around to than your home or apartment.  Just watch an episode of Hoarders, where good intentions lead to dangerous and disgusting situations.]]


Back to the HTML version. Prefer the PDF as the words are larger, unfortunately my eye sight

is getting worse. Need to get my eyes tested as there's been deterioration over the last year

or so. (When I was due to get them last tested everywhere was closed due to COVID lockdown).

Is this a consequence of getting older or using my mobile too much for things I should really view on

the computer?


[[As I read this, I was going to suggest you just make the page bigger, but then I realized you’re using your phone.  I barely use my phone for anything, and never for visiting websites.  My sight has never been particularly good, and it’s terrible at my age now.  I need to use my computer, and to adjust the zoom depending on what I’m doing.]]


Andy Lischett: As for your childhood memoir, I know nothing about your family but perhaps you could write the book with all of the stories and then let your siblings edit it before you published it. Maybe some of them would change their minds after reading the book. Of course, that sounds like a lot of work hoping that enough of them would reconsider to make it worthwhile.


[[That’s not really workable, but it isn’t exactly that different from my “I’ll just write it and figure it all out later” attitude.  If I decide to write the thing, I’m just going to go all-out in the first draft and deal with edits later.  I am generally forced to write that way anyway, because I hate everything I write…which means I can’t look back at it until I’ve done so much that it isn’t worth it to throw the whole thing away.]]


Thanks for the plug. Eight are signed up for a new Diplomacy game in Cheesecake. Six more by January would be nice, and only two of the many publishers I contacted have plugged the openings yet (you and Simon Langley-Evans), with more promising to in their next issues. Also, I haven't yet contacted any online sources, but will.


Heath Davis-Gardner: Doug, first of all, congrats on the memoir climbing to the top of the charts! That's fantastic, but I'm not surprised, since you really are a good writer.


[[That book needed – and needs – at least one more good rewrite.  Eighteen months later I still find typos and errors.  And that’s with multiple people reading through the final manuscript and pointing typos out to me.  I’ve discovered the best proofing method for me may be to read it out loud.  Sadly, part of the reason it wasn’t tighter is my dislike for my own writing.  I was afraid to read it more times than I already had, because I might have simply tossed the whole project.]]


Andy York: Glad things with the new worksite seem to be righting themselves. Hopefully that job is improving with the change of locations - the proverbial "fresh start".


Interesting about the book, the promotional campaign and the results. Hadn't ever really thought about it, so learned a few things. Thanks for the insight.


Regarding your current writing effort, sounds like it'd be an interesting read. For those tricky bits, have you thought about writing a rough draft/outline of how you'd approach it and let the ones who are reluctant give it a read to identify the objectional bits. That's in the hope that what you write may not include the true reason for the objection or they might have a way to write around the "sticky" point - might be worth the shot to, at least, get some across the line.


[[I know the reason for a few of the stories.  It’s simply a matter of “I don’t want people to know that.”  Although mostly they’re stories acquaintances have heard already.  For a few other stories, it seems to be some kind of embarrassment where my siblings who are now parents don’t want their kids to know things they saw or experienced themselves growing up.  I kinda get it, and by that I mean I understand they’re embarrassed…but of course I go more by what George Costanza said: “I’ve lived my whole life in shame.  Why should I die with dignity?”  I’m an open book, no pun intended, and as I’ve gotten older, I’ve not just forgotten the meaning of “too much information” but entirely discarded the concept.]]


The Dining Dead – Eternal Sunshine Movie Reviews


The Sparks Brothers (Netflix) – A rockumentary about the Mael brothers, the creative force behind the eclectic band (or duo, depending on the album) Sparks.  Covering their entire career of more than forty years, the film (directed by Edgar Wright) showcases how Sparks has reinvented themselves about a dozen times, developing new sounds and new directions…often in what others might see as attempts at creative suicide.  As a documentary it holds together pretty well, despite getting a little long in the tooth by the time it finishes up (approaching two hours and fifteen minutes).  I admit to not being a huge Sparks fan; I like some of the music they’ve done, but I’ve rarely gravitated to it very strongly.  That’s certainly not an indictment, and I appreciate that they’ve never moved away from whatever direction they felt like travelling.  If nothing else, Sparks delivers very smart music (the lyrics, in particular, were usually more relatable to me that some of the tracks themselves).  They really should have been a British band all along (the Mael brothers are both from California, but they’ve always had much more success in the UK and Europe than here in the States).  And one part of the film that I found more moving than they probably meant it was how clueless music fans (and some critics) blasted some of their later work for being derivative of other acts…acts that themselves had been strongly influenced by the earlier Sparks albums.  It made me think of the accolades for Squid Games or The Hunger Games, and how many people found both to be highly original, when in fact they’re utterly derivative of earlier works (am I only person who ever read the Richard Bachman, a.k.a. Stephen King, books The Long Walk and The Running Man?).  It’s kind of sweet and hopeful that they’ve managed to carve out a career for so long despite never being that appreciated or huge.  You don’t need to be a major fan of Sparks to enjoy The Sparks Brothers.  But it does help if you’re a music lover, and interested in the history of popular music in general.


Breaking Out – The Remarkable Story of Fergus O’Farrell (Screening Copy) – I backed this film during crowdfunding for a very small amount a number of years ago, and was finally able to watch it early via a private screener link.  The original release took longer than expected, and then was pushed back over a year due to the pandemic.  If you’ve ever seen the film Once you’ve seen Fergus O’Farrell and his band Interference, as they perform his best-known composition “Gold” sitting around a large table (and it was also included on the soundtrack).  I didn’t know anything about him at the time, but I knew I liked that song (as I did all of the music in the film).  This film documents O’Farrell’s life and his career as a musician and composer.  At age eight he was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy, and the original prognosis was “wheelchair by twelve, and at eighteen <snaps fingers>…gone.”  Despite this, he became a deeply loved and influential part of the Dublin music scene in the late 80’s and early 90’s.  It’s a very moving story, and this film does a very good job of explaining his place in the scene and all the people he became important to.  Later Glen Hansard and other musicians work with O’Farrell, near death, at his home to help him finish the unfinished next Interference album and..well, let’s just say this is a person with such a passion for music that he is willing to do just about anything it takes to push on until the very end.  It’s well worth a watch, so keep your eye out for it, especially if you’re a fan of this sort of music.


The Advent Calendar (Shudder) – A bit more of a suspense film than a horror film, despite being on Shudder.  Paraplegic Eva (Eugénie Derouand) used to be a dancer, but now she works part time as an insurance agent.  In early December her friend gives her a present: a large, ornate German advent calendar.  A metal key opens the door to each day’s surprise, and Day 1 reveals a set of rules to be followed, along with the warning that if she breaks any of the rules, “I’ll kill you.”  Soon she realizes this calendar carries much more power than she could have ever imagined, but also more danger than she bargained for.  It’s a French film with subtitles, so if that kind of thing bothers you…well, you miss out on a lot of good films that way.  Speaking of which, why are so many foreign films plot and dialogue-driven, when American films specifically just go over-the-top with violence and action “to do better in the international market?”  Anyway, it’s an interesting ride, and while not perfect by any means, it’s well-done and capable of holding your interest for an hour and forty-five minutes, despite getting a bit sillier as it goes along.  I expect it will be elsewhere (and on DVD) soon enough if you don’t have Shudder.


Older Movies Watched (that I’ve seen many times)The Stand (original TV miniseries, amazing how much of it I remembered precisely), Homebodies (new restored scan from Kino Lorber, a vast improvement over my VHS – it’s never had a domestic DVD release until now).

Octopus's Garden

Issue One Hundred and Two

8th December 2021


HELLO, good evening and welcome to Octopus's Garden, the subzeen with its very own Railway Rivals game. It is a subzeen to Douglas Kent's Eternal Sunshine. It's produced by Peter Sullivan It's also available on the web at:

Round 11 (RR 2473 B) — "Garrett Hobart" — Railway Rivals Map "B" (Lon&Lpl)

JGL black (John David Galt); AYUP yellow (Mark Firth); HJA red (Hank Alme); BASH sky-blue (Bob Blanchett).

Scores on the Doors:






























































For Round 12, you may enter 4 of the following 7 races. Orders to me, Peter Sullivan, at by WEDNESDAY, 5th JANUARY 2022.

Races for Round Twelve:


That was Octopus's Garden #102, Startling Press production number 398.

Out of the WAY #39

by W. Andrew York

(wandrew88 of




Another abbreviated column with the games and little else. My hopes to be move back into a more usual schedule were way too optimistic. The collision of my fully packed pandemic schedule meeting the restarting of in-person events/time with friends/movies with the move stirred in is overrunning available time. So, I’m looking where to trim (cutting back my walks, coupled with skipped days due to winter weather, is one), prioritizing apartment settling activities to get one thing done before dabbling in another and limiting the number of out-of-the-apartment events during a week. Eventually it’ll work itself out, but it might be the new year (I have a couple holiday events, need to send out cards, address presents, etc.).

As I move forward and start to repopulate the usual features are there any that folks would like me to prioritize ahead of others? If so, let me know and I’ll use the input to guide what I focus on. And, if you have suggestions on other things you’d like to see, feel free to send me ideas. I fully expect at least the Book Reviews will return next time – but only a few books finished since the last time it was included.

I erred last issue about the Gunboat standby situation. I had one person on the list, but misremembered who it was. That person would have been available last issue if there was an NMR. I appreciate him stepping up again to be the sole standby on the list – others are always welcome.

I hope everyone enjoys a wonderful Christmas/holiday season and a great start to 2022 – it has to be better than the last two!



Texas Talk



                ANN RICHARDS QUOTE #9        


                                “Always look ahead and never look back.”


Sources: Banner on Congress Avenue, Austin TX




Letter Column

(always welcome, send them in!)

(if something shouldn’t be included here, clearly mark it as a personal comment)


[Mark Nelson] – Although we only have one car, we are very glad to have a two-car garage as we have so many unopened boxes. I don’t know why we thought our three-bedroom would be big enough for us. We obviously did not clearly think about things! Although…. We probably could move quite a few of the things in the garage into the house if we were willing to install more storage units, but that would make the house look more cramped and hard to sell. So we are planning on leaving 99% of the items in the boxes, at least that will make it less work to move if we move. [WAY] – I had that same idea, and it certainly helped with this latest move. However, as I’m slowly going through things I’m finding items that are duplicates (for instance, for mashing potatoes, which I do once or twice a year, I have two hand mashers, a hand-held mixer and a stand-mixer – I think I can lose one hand masher at least!), things that are broken/obsolete (they just need to go away rather than act as a boat anchor in each move) and forgotten items that useful or treasures (found a stash of Large t-shirts to supplement the XLs that I’ve pretty much shrunk out of).

[MN] - We’d like to move but property prices have gone crazy over the last two years so it’s doubtful if we can move. (Or at least move into what we would like). [WAY] – same here in Austin, and per news reports, in many places. Just this morning I heard on NPR that the average house price in Austin in 2019 was $350,000. Now it is $500,000.

                [MN] - We’re not seriously looking at the moment, but we did come across a house only a few minutes away that would have solved all of our storage issues because it had a 10-car garage! The house is on a steep slope and the owner had built a new floor underneath the house proper which was large enough to fit 10 cards in. That would have solved our storage problems! [WAY] – you could have your own Batcave – just install a fireman’s pole from inside a grandfather clock in the house proper.


[Paul Milewski] – Very much enjoy “Out of the WAY” in E.S. [WAY] – appreciate the kind words, cross your fingers that I’ll be returning some of the non-game bits to it in the new year.


[Graham Wilson] – Got out my old diplomacy board, found the bag of wooden pieces, and setup the board. Does make a difference :-) [WAY] – glad you still had it around!





Babylon 5 Quote


In “The Quality of Mercy” – Lennier: “I want to introduce you to the ultimate means of interstellar understanding. The

Earthers call it….poker.”


Source: But In Purple...I’m Stunning! by J. Michael Straczynski, edited by Sara “Samm” Barnes, copyright 2008.





Game Section


Everyone Plays Games: Hangman, By Definition; Facts in Five


Game Openings: Breaking Away (Kent, Burgess, Smith; Firth, minimum 6 players needed)

Standard Choice (Smith, minimum 4 players needed)


Possible Game Openings: Breaking Away Variants, Grey-Press Gunboat (no preference lists)

Suggestions accepted for other games to offer.


Standbys: Breaking Away (x1); Gunboat Diplomacy (x1)


Rules for Breaking Away. Breaking Away Variants and Choice available on the Variable Pig website (





“Round Rock Express”

(No-Press Gunboat, Game #1)

MN: 2021Crb32


Fall 1902


Austria: F GRE s a bul, A BUL s a bud-rum, A TRI-vie, A BUD-rum, A GAL-vie

England: F nth-NWY, F bre-GAS, A PIC-par, F eng-MAO, A edi-LPL

France: F nat-NWG, A SPA holds, A bur-par (r-bel/mar/otb)

Germany: F SWE s eng a edi-nwy (nso), A ruh-BUR, A MUN s a ruh-bur, A sil-WAR, F kie-DEN

Italy: F EME c a tun-syr, A TUN-syr, A VEN-tyl, F ION c a tun-syr

Russia: F bot-BAL, F bla-RUM, A UKR s f bla-rum, A BOH-tyl

Turkey: A SMY-syr, F CON s f aeg-bul(sc), F AEG-bul(sc)


Supply Center Count


Austria: Bud, Tri, Vie, Ser, Gre, BUL                                                             = 6                          Builds 1

England: Edi, Lpl, Lon, Bre, NWY, Bel? (dor)                                             = 5 or 6                 Even or Build 1 (depending on retreat)

France: Mar, Par, Por, SPA, Bel? (dor)                                                           = 4 or 5                  Build 1 or 2  (depending on retreat)

Germany: Ber, Kie, Mun, Den, Hol, SWE, WAR                                         = 7                          Build 2

Italy: Nap, Rom, Ven, Tun                                                                                = 4                          Even

Russia: Mos, StP, Sev, RUM, war                                                                   = 4                          Even

Turkey: Ank, Con, Smy, bul                                                                             = 3                          Even

Neutral: none


Next Due Winter 1902/Spring 1903


Note(1) – The Spring 1902 game report had an inadvertent underlining, indicating a failed move, on the successful German

                                movement of A ber-SIL. All players were notified as soon as it was brought to my attention.

Note(2) – Split seasons are granted when 2 or more requests are received if 4+ players; 3 or less requires only 1.





Hangman, By Definition


This is a five round game, with each round consisting of a variable number of turns. The winner will be the person who wins the most rounds, with a tie breaker being fewest total number of turns in those winning rounds. Second tie breaker will be the most number of letters guessed (by total count revealed, not by individual letter).


Each round will consist of identifying a word of at least six letters. Along with each word will be the first definition given. All words and definitions will be identified by blank spaces. Words and definitions are verified in a dictionary that was my high school graduation gift (slight hint to those who might want to find the edition).


The goal is to guess the word in as few turns as possible. Each turn, all players will submit one letter to be revealed. The letter submitted by the most players will be the letter revealed in the next turn. Ties will be broken by a randomized method. Additionally, each player should submit a guess for the word. Once the word is correctly identified (spelling is important), that round will end and a new round will begin. All players who guess the word in the same turn will share in the win for the round. If the word is not guessed by the end of six turns with no letter being revealed, no one will win the round.


Along with revealing letters in the word, letters will be revealed in the definition. There are no bonus points for guessing any part of the definition, it is only there to help players figure out the word. No guesses about parts of the definition will be confirmed or displayed except by the letter revealed in that round. The letters “E” and “S” can never be chosen as the letter to be revealed.


Game 1, Round Four, Turn 4:


                Letter Votes: F – 1; G – 1; I – 1; O – 1; R – 2                               Revealed: R


                Words Guessed:   (Firth) Veneer; (Kent) Monody; (Lischett) Beside; (Maslen) Veneer; (O’Hara) Buzzed;

(Smith) Isogon; (Wilson) Isobar




                Word:                     R  __  __  __  __  __  (6)


Definition:             A  __  __   (3)  LA  R  __  __  (5),  __  __  __  ALL  __   (7)


                                __  __  __  T  __  __  __  __  __  __  (10)  __  __  __  __  __  __  T  (7) 


__  __  (2)  A  (1)  __  __  R  __  A  __  __  (7)  __  R  (2)  __  __  A  __  __  (5);


                                A  __  (2)  A  R  __  A  (4)



                Never Revealed:  E, S                         Already Revealed: A, L, R, T, Z


    Game Words Correctly Guessed: Infinitesimal (David-Gardner, Firth, Kent, Smith, Wilson);

Triclinium (Firth, Maslen, Smith, Wilson)

Chummy (Wilson)





                                                                        FACTS IN FIVE


Rules:     There will be five rounds, the cumulative high score at the end of the fifth round will be the winner. Anyone may join anytime with a starting score matching the lowest total from the previous round. Anyone missing a round will add the lowest score of that round.

                Each round will consist of five categories and five letters.  Each player submit may an entry for each category which has a key word that starts with each of the letters (twenty-five total entries). Key words are generally the first word; however articles (the, a, etc.) and modifiers (“red” in red bicycle for “R” in “mode of transportation” or “general” in General Lee for “G” in “Military Leaders”) are not key words. A word in the category may not be the key word (“bank” in “Bank of America” for “B” in the category “Banks”). For given names, the last name is the key word, if married it will be their post-marriage last name. However, in the case of commonly used stage names, that name should be used (in a category of female singers, ”Q” could be “Queen Latifa” and “Cher” for “C”). An entry may only be used once per round. Please clearly identify which individual you are using as your answer if there are multiple potential people with a given name. For instance, if the category is American Presidents, answering Washington is fine as there is only one; however, if you decided to use Bush you need to indicate whether you are submitting the father or the son. Unclear answers will be matched to score the least points. Using the Bush example, if one person submitted “Bush” and three people submit “George W. Bush” the latter would score 2 points and the former 1.

                One point will be scored for each entry that unarguably meets the letter and category. An additional point will be added if anyone else also uses the same valid entry for the same category. Maximum possible score in a round is 50 with a lowest possible score of 25, presuming an individual submits a valid entry for each category and letter in that round.

                Research is allowed, collaboration between players is not.


Game Four, Round One


Bolded - Scores 2 points for matching another entry; Crossed Out - scores 0 points; otherwise scores 1 point.


REMINDER - Last names are generally the key word, not first names.


   Players                               C                             D                             J                              N                             R            


Current US Congressman

    Mark Firth                        Ted Cruz              Dick Durban        Pramila Jayapal Grace Napolitano Marco Rubio

    Doug Kent                        Cleaver                  Davidson               Jaypal                   Neguse                   Raskin

    Andy Lischett                  Liz Cheney           Debbie Dingle       Jim Jordan            Jerry Nadler          Bobby Rush

    Walt O’Hara                    Gerry Connolly    Beth Van Duyne  EB Johnson          Dan Newhouse     Cathy M Rogers

    Kevin Wilson                   Ted Cruz              Dick Durban        Pramila Jayapal Devin Nunes         Mitt Romney


Living Celebrated Architect

    Mark Firth                        D Chipperfield    Balkrishna Doshi   Inigo Jones       Jean Nouvel         Richard Rogers

    Doug Kent                        Childs                     Doshi                     Johnson                 Nouvel                   Rogers (see below)

    Andy Lischett                  S Calatrara         Dennis DeLap      <>                           Jean Nouvel         Richard Rogers

    Walt O’Hara                    S Calatrara         Odile Decq           Mitchell Joachim Jean Nouvel         Mauriciao Roche

    Kevin Wilson                   D Chipperfield    Odile Decq           Rick Joy                Jean Nouvel         Richard Rogers


Title of a Craft Occupation

    Mark Firth                        Cooper                   Draughtsman       Jeweler                 Needlepointer       Roofer (Thatch)

    Doug Kent                        Carpenter             Designer                 Jeweler                 Novelist                 Roofer

    Andy Lischett                  Carpenter             Diemaker              Jeweler                 <>                           Roofer

    Walt O’Hara                    Carpenter             Decorator              Jeweler                 Nail Artist              Reviewer

    Kevin Wilson                   Carpenter             Drywall Installer  Joiner                     Notary                   Roofer


Multinational Retailers

    Mark Firth                        Costco                   Decathlon             John Lewis            Nike                        Rewe

    Doug Kent                        Costco                   Dixons                   Jeronimo Martins  Nordstrom       REWE

    Andy Lischett                  Costco                   Dairy Farm                   Naspers                  Rewe Group

    Walt O’Hara                    Costco                   Ahold Delhaize                  Nordstrom           Rewe Group

    Kevin Wilson                   Carrefour              Dollar Tree            Jeronimo Martins  Nordstrom       Rewe Group


Name of a Mixed Alcoholic Drink

    Mark Firth                        Churchill                Damn the Weather   Jagertee            Nutcracker            Red Russian

    Doug Kent                        Cosmopolitan      Daiquiri                Julep                       Negroni                 Rusty Nail

    Andy Lischett                  Choc Martini        Daiquiri                Jersey Flashlight  Negroni                 Rum & Coke

    Walt O’Hara                    Cosmopolitan      Daiquiri                John Collins          Negroni                 Rusty Nail

    Kevin Wilson                   Cosmopolitan      Daiquiri                Jack & Coke         Negroni                 Rusty Nail


Note – for allowed and disallowed answers, please feel free to correct me!


Notes on Mark’s Answers: D Chipperfield is Sir David Chipperfield; Iningo Jones has a note “(living on through his work)”,

interesting argument, but it is disallowed.

Notes on Doug’s Answers: Johnson was disallowed as the only celebrated architects with that last name that come up are

                deceased – could you give me a first name so I could validate this answer?; I did match Rogers (no first name) with

                Richard Rogers as I didn’t come up with any other Rogers that seem to be “celebrated”. If I had found a second,

                potential, Rogers that was in the category your answer would not have matched (see rules).

Notes on Andy’s Answers: S Calatrara is Santiago Calatrara; the Dennis DeLap answer added “Dennis Delap is a friend and a

retired architect. He is alive.”, unfortunately it is disallowed as I can’t find any evidence of him being “celebrated” in general – though I’m sure in your local circles he is; Naspers is disallowed as the company I found is an investment holding company. IT may have subsidiaries that may be retailers but I found no evidence that Naspers itself is a retailer; Choc Martini is a Chocolate Martini

Notes on Walt’s Answers: EB Johnson is Eddie Bernice Johnson; S Calatrara is Santiago Calatrara; Ahold Delhaize is

                disallowed as the company name begins with an “A” not “D”


General Player Comments:


[Mark Firth] – Working late the last couple of days, so only just (get) onto these. Well, the Fi5 has actually taken quite a while

as they were not my best topics! [WAY] – hopefully this round won’t be as challenging.


[Andy Lischett] – Here are my Facts in Five answers. Except for the politicians almost all are from the internet, and even then a

                couple are blank.


[Kevin Wilson] – I almost considered skipping the new game since I’m trying to curtail my keyboard gaming time, but it’s still

                interesting and I do occasionally learn something.[WAY] – Glad you decided to keep playing!


[KW] – Congress Critters: I went with the famous/infamous more recognizable names, other than my own Senator

Durbin. Some may interpret “Congressperson” as members of the House only but I included the Senate and actually

ended up with 3 senators and only 2 members of the House.


Retailers and cocktails were the most fun as many I knew/recognize and, for the drinks, have tried!


And, to show my lack of any real artistic bent, when I checked a list of living, famous architects, I recognized I M

Pei. The rest I have no idea who they are. I guess I shouldn’t have let my subscription to Architectural Digest expire.



Game Four, Round Two


Letters:                  D             H             O             S              V

Categories:            US National Park Name; Restaurant Chains (5+ storefronts across at least 2 cities); Famous Military Leader;

Title of Poem by non-US Poet; Female BAFTA Award Winner



Current Standings


Scores by Category             1st           2nd         3rd          4th          5th          Now                        Previous                 Total     

   Kevin Wilson                      8             9             7             8             9             41         +                    0       =                 41

   Doug Kent                           6             7             8             9             9             39         +                    0       =                 39

   Walt O’Hara                       5             8             7             8             9             37         +                   0       =                 37

   Mark Firth                            8             8             7             7             5             35         +                    0       =                 35

   Andy Lischett                     5             6             7             7             7             32         +                    0       =                 32





Deadline for the Next Issue of Out of the WAY:


January 5, 2022 at noon

See You Then!


Game entries, letters of comment and other material can be sent to:


                wandrew88 at; or by post to: W. Andrew York; POB 201117; Austin TX 78720-1117



Eternal Sunshine Game Section


Diplomacy, “Indestructible Machine”, 2020A, W 10/S 11


Austria: Rick Davis – -  Retreat A Trieste - Tyrolia..Remove A Serbia, F Albania..

 A Tyrolia - Munich (*Disbanded*).

France: John David Galt - Retreat A Venice - Rome..F Naples Supports A Rome,

 A Rome Supports F Naples.

Germany: Andy Lischettandy@lischett.comBuild A Berlin, A Munich, F Kiel.. A Berlin – Prussia,

 A Bohemia - Vienna (*Bounce*), A Budapest - Vienna (*Bounce*), A Denmark – Sweden, A Gascony Hold,

 F Kiel - Baltic Sea, A Munich Supports A Piedmont – Tyrolia, F North Atlantic Ocean - Clyde (*Fails*),

 F North Sea Supports F Yorkshire – Edinburgh, A Piedmont – Tyrolia, A Spain – Portugal,

 A Trieste Supports A Venice, A Venice Hold, F Wales - English Channel, F Yorkshire - Edinburgh.

Russia: Bob Durfplaydiplomacymoderator@gmail.comRetreat F Spain(sc) - Mid-Atlantic Ocean..

 F Black Sea Supports A Rumania, F Clyde S A Liverpool (No Unit in Liverpool),

 A Edinburgh Hold (*Dislodged*, retreat to Liverpool or OTB), A Galicia - Vienna (*Bounce*),

 F Mid-Atlantic Ocean – Spain (No Coast Specified, Unordered), A Moscow Unordered, A Norway Unordered,

 A Rumania Unordered, A Sevastopol Supports A Rumania, A Warsaw - Silesia.

Turkey: Jack McHugh - NMR! Plays two short..A Bulgaria Unordered,

 F Greece Unordered, F Ionian Sea Unordered, F Tunis Unordered.



All Draw Proposals Fail

Would Harold Reynolds ( please standby for Turkey?






Deadline for F 11 is January 8th at 7am My Time

Diplomacy, “Wine Lips”, 2020B, W 07


A/I/R Draw Passes!  EOG Report and Statements Will Be Printed Next Issue

Deadline for EOG Statements is January 8th at 7am My Time




Italia a Francia: Prima, complimenti per la tua vendetta. Bravo!


Secondo: Avere niente paura! L'Italia è qui per te. Come re d'Italia, i miei militari sono in costante allerta. Quindi non essere arrogante!

Siamo solo io e te, ragazzo! Però spero ti piacci il cibo inglese...? Abbiamo portare il nostro cibo e bevanda.


- Il presidente Victor "il martello" Emmanuelle


(Full transparency: The above is in my somewhat basic and awkward Italian. All present tence because I've only had one semester of Italian so far, so I had to look up a several words.)


The Czar in St. Petersburg to All announces "I am INVINCIBLE!"


Berlin: Kaiser Wilhelm recently regained consciousness from a ten-year coma and proclaimed "So was ist los? Why am I on this cargo ship, floating off the coast of Sweden? Is somebody playing a trick ? Is that you, Gruber, more of your practical jokes? This time, you go too far I make you to marry my sister, Ingeborg. Now, get me back to Berlin! Schnell! What do you mean the borders are closed? We lost Germany!? MUTTI!"


Deadline for F 08 is January 8th at 7am My Time

Diplomacy, “More Than Ever”, 2021A, S 01

Austria: Andy Lischettandy@lischett.comA Budapest – Serbia, F Trieste – Albania, A Vienna - Trieste.

England: Paul F Edinburgh - North Sea, A Liverpool – Yorkshire,

 F London - Wales.

France: Brad Wilson - fullfathomfive675@gmail.comF Brest - Mid-Atlantic Ocean, A Marseilles – Spain,

 A Paris - Burgundy.

Germany: Heath Davis-Gardner – heathdavisgardner@gmail.comA Berlin – Kiel, F Kiel – Denmark,

 A Munich - Ruhr.

Italy: John David Galt - F Naples - Ionian Sea, A Rome – Naples, A Venice Hold.

Russia: Simon Langley-Evans - - A Moscow - St Petersburg,

 F Sevastopol - Black Sea (*Bounce*), F St Petersburg(sc) - Gulf of Bothnia, A Warsaw - Ukraine.

Turkey: Jack McHugh - jwmchughjr@gmail.comF Ankara - Black Sea (*Bounce*),

 A Constantinople – Bulgaria, A Smyrna - Constantinople.







Deadline for F 01 is January 8th at 7am My Time


Where in the World is Kendo Nagasaki?


The Rules were in Eternal Sunshine #131, read them if you want a detailed explanation and examples.  Basically, this is a guessing game, trying to guess the mystery person and their location (both chosen by me before the game started).  Closest guess gets a public clue and notification they were the closest.  Everyone else sees the clue but has to figure out on their own who was the closest that turn.


Turn 1


Kevin Wilson:

Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto on Midway Island


John David Galt:

Charlie Chaplin in Minsk, Belarus


Tom Howell:

John Fetterman in Braddock, Pennsylvania


Brad Wilson:

Emily Dickinson in Melbourne, Australia


Richard Smith:

Jaco Pastorius in Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Simon Langley-Evans:

Lyndon Johnson in Lima, Peru


Andy Lischett:

Millie Helper in New Rochelle, New York


Dane Maslen:

Imran Khan in Islamabad, Pakistan


Jack McHugh:

John Wilkes Booth in Hanoi, Vietnam


Mark Firth:

Aage Bohr in Medellín, Colombia


Hint to Person Placed Closest to Me:

You were born after I died.  Wrong chromosome.


Turn 2


John David Galt:

Amelia Earhart in Las Vegas, Nevada


Brad Wilson:

Billie Jean King in Quebec City, Canada


Andy Lischett:

Bella Abzug in Paris, France


Simon Langley-Evans:

Charles Darwin in Port au Prince, Haiti


Richard Smith:

Carlota of Mexico (Charlotte of Belgium) in Guadalajara, Mexico


Kevin Wilson:

Betsy Ross in Paramaribo, Suriname


David Burgess:

Olivia Newton-John in Venice, California


Dane Maslen:

Golda Meir in Tel Aviv, Israel


Tom Howell:

U.S. General Richard Arnold in Arkhangelsk, Russia


Mark Firth:

Thomas Aquinas in Singapore


Jack McHugh:

Martin Luther in Darwin, Australia


Hint to Person Placed Closest to Me:

Correct chromosome.  Wrong occupation.  We died within a year of each other.





Turn 3


Brad Wilson:

Gertrude Stein in Baltimore, Maryland


John David Galt:

Kamala Harris in San Antonio, Texas


Richard Smith:

Lizzie Borden in Brownsville, Texas


Kevin Wilson:

Emmeline Pankhurst in Brownsville, Texas


Simon Langley-Evans:

Mamie Eisenhower is in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Tom Howell:

Thérésa Tallien in Sao Paulo, Brazil


Andy Lischett:

Willa Cather in Havana, Cuba


Dane Maslen:

Martha Jefferson Randolph in Asunción, Paraguay


David Burgess:

Jim Boeheim in Syracuse, New York


Mark Firth:

Emmeline Pankhurst in Houston, Texas


Jack McHugh:

Richard Wagner in Havana, Cuba


Hint to Person Placed Closest to Me:

We each entertained people, in our individual ways.


Turn 4


Brad Wilson:

Bessie Smith in Miami, Florida


Richard Smith:

Isadora Duncan in Austin, Texas


Dane Maslen:

Marie Bonfanti in Guatemala City, Guatemala


Simon Langley-Evans:

Sara Bernhardt is in Dover, Delaware


Andy Lischett:

Isadora Duncan in Merida, Mexico


John David Galt:

Tina Turner in Port-au-Prince, Haiti


Kevin Wilson:

Bessie Coleman in Kingston, Jamaica


Mark Firth:

Lillie Langtry in Sana’a, Yemen


Tom Howell:

Louisa Alice Baker in Belmopan, Belize


Jack McHugh:

Isadora Duncan in Mexico City, Mexico


David Burgess:

Mati Hari in El Paso, TX


Hint to Person Placed Closest to Me:

I’ve been correctly identified, but not by you.  Wrong occupation.  We died within five years of each other.


Turn 5


Kevin Wilson:

Bessie Coleman in La Esperanza, Honduras


John David Galt:

Tina Turner in San Salvador, El Salvador


Tom Howell:

Isadora Duncan in Belize City, Belize


Brad Wilson:

Tina Turner in San Juan, Puerto Rico


Richard Smith:

Isadora Duncan in Chihuahua City, Mexico


Andy Lischett:

Isadora Duncan in Belize City, Belize


Simon Langley-Evans:

Sarah Bernhardt in Chihuahua, Mexico


Dane Maslen:

Bessie Smith in Cancún, Mexico


David Burgess:

Isadora Duncan El Paso, Texas


Mark Firth:

Isadora Duncan in Cancun, Mexico


Hint to Person Placed Closest to Me:

You know who I am (and you’re not the only one) but not where I am.


Turn 6


John David Galt:

Isadora Duncan in Havana, Cuba


Simon Langley-Evans:

Isadora Duncan is in Coban, Guatemala


Richard Smith:

Isadora Duncan in Flores, Petén, Guatemala


Tom Howell:

Isadora Duncan in Tikal, Guatemala


Dane Maslen:

Isadora Duncan in Flores, Petén, Guatemala


Andy Lischett:

Isadora Duncan in Flores, Guatemala


Brad Wilson:

Tina Turner in Panama City, Panama


David Burgess:

Isadora Duncan in New Orleans, Louisiana 


Mark Firth:

Isadora Duncan in George Town, Cayman Islands


Hint to Person Placed Closest to Me:

You know who I am (and you’re not the only one) but not where I am.  You’re getting colder.


Deadline for Turn 7 is January 8th at 7am My Time

By Almost Popular Demand


I’ve run this game (or By Popular Demand, of which this is a variant) a number of times in Eternal Sunshine.  The rules are simple: I supply you with five categories.  You send in an answer, trying to choose the answer which will match with other people’s but NOT be the most popular.  Research IS permitted.  You get one point for each person who submitted the answer you gave, including yourself.  However, the most popular answer in every category scores ZERO.    So, if you and two other people send in the same answer that’s three points.  You also get to choose a Joker category, where the points are doubled.  If you don’t specify a Joker, it gets applied to the first category listed (so you don’t “lose” the Joker).  Always answer for every category: any answer is legal, and will earn a point even if you’re the only person to give it.  High score after ten categories wins.  Any player who joins after the first round starts with the lowest score so far; if you join starting in Turn 3 and the person doing the worst has 27 points so far, that’s what you start with.  Also if you miss a turn, you get the lowest score that round rather than zero.  This makes the game more competitive and keeps you playing even if you arrive late or forget to play one turn.  Turn 10 is worth double points.


Turn 2 Categories:


1. One of the Great Lakes.

2. A gun caliber.

3. A televised sport.

4. A college or university in the UK.

5. A Tim Robbins movie.



Joker category shown in BOLD.  Most popular answer shown in strikethrough.

Brad Wilson gets the high score of 12 this round (out of a possible 13).  Carol Kay scores the low with 2 points. 


Comments by Category:


One of the Great Lakes: Kevin Wilson – “Avoid Michigan and Superior then just a shot in the dark on the next.”  Mark Firth – “To me, Erie is always the first to mind. Joker here because of the finite data set.”


A gun caliber: Richard Smith – “Thinking of The Terminator's Uzi.”  Kevin Wilson – “Avoid the 9mm and .45, go for the 38-Special!”  Mark Firth – “No idea if this is universal or contemporary, but it’s what we used in the cadets.”


A televised sport: Kevin Wilson – “Football has to be #1 but it could be any of the big 3:  NFL, NBA, MLB so go with hockey!”  Mark Firth – “My gamble for a higher score.”


A college or university in the UK: Kevin Wilson – “Trying to avoid Oxford, Cambridge and LSE, then once again just a shot in the dark.”  Mark Firth – “Alma mater for at least two subscribers.”


A Tim Robbins movie: Richard Smith – “Jacob’s Ladder gives me the willies.”  Andy Lischett – “The Shawshank Redemption is maybe the most unappealing title ever for a good movie (although I understand why the producers stuck with it). Being unfamiliar with Stephen King's story I avoided the movie for years just because of the title.”  Kevin Wilson – “Seems like the Shawshank Redemption or The Hudsucker Proxy could be popular so go with one that was fun but less noteworthy other than the line `you’re all just a bunch of lollygaggers!’” Mark Firth – “Only knew the ‘world’s favourite film’, so this was a look up.”


General Comments: None.


Turn 3 Categories – Remember to Specify a Joker Category


1. Something you need a new one of every year.

2. A streaming service.

3. A color of ball point pen ink.

4. Something you find in a lunch box.

5. A movie about the Vietnam War.


Deadline for Turn 3 is January 8th at 7am My Time


Deadline for the next issue of Eternal Sunshine is: Saturday January 8, 2022 at 7am My Time (U.S. central time) – some games and subzines earlier