Eternal Sunshine #168

May 2023

By Douglas Kent - 911 Irene Drive, Mesquite, TX  75149


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Quote of The Month“Well, now the shit has really hit the fan!” - (Delta Darrow in “Foul Play”)


Welcome to Eternal Sunshine, inching closer to the final issue, whenever that may be.  One thing is for sure: there’s just one more round of By Popular Demand.  After that, only Diplomacy will remain (and the subzines). 


Sanka’s health has been very up and down recently.  However, her senior lab work all came back terrific.  My vet said “I just don’t see kidney numbers like that in 16-year-old cats.”  The only downside is that leaves no real obvious cause for her issues beyond “getting old.”  And likewise, no real treatment options.  In some ways that’s just as well, since Sanka is a very routine-driven cat.  If I have to give her a pill she’ll sulk and hide for up to a day.  Just giving her the monthly flea ointment throws her into turmoil.  I just hope she’s happy and comfortable enough to make each day worthwhile.


I guess that’s it from me for now.  See you in June! 

Game Openings

No game openings, as the zine will fold when the currently-running games are completed.


Standby List: Current standby list who are qualified to standby in More Than Ever: Harold Reynolds.


Meet Me in Montauk

The Eternal Sunshine Letter Column


Tom Howell: "Rom Howell"?  Is he [a] cousin?  Don't remember having met him...


[[My typos know no bounds lately.  Back in the day when I was typing and made a mistake, my finger memory sensed it (as it still does sometimes - I just made a typo in "sensed" and again when I typed it there and knew to fix it, but meanwhile I made typos in typo and in just before the quotes and did NOT sense those) and I'd be able to go back and fix them.  Granted, the demise of ES probably decreases my checking anything in it at the same time...I already made a glaring typo in my Facts in Five orders sent to Andy.


Then again, you left “a” out of your email so nobody is perfect.  Tempted to change perfect to prefect just to illustrate that, but I make enough mistakes by accident.]]


The Dining Dead – Eternal Sunshine Movie Reviews


A Man Called Otto (Netflix) – A dramatic comedy starring Tom Hanks as Otto, a man who has decided he doesn’t want to live any more until his attempt at suicide are interrupted by the new family across the street.  In a way I guess you could call this a kinder, gentler version of the brilliant After Life that Ricky Gervais brought to us (forgetting that the third season of that show was a shadow of the other two, but I digress).  The plot is very contrived, but as usual Hanks is able to keep things together in a way that allows the film to tug at the appropriate heartstrings.  It’s simply too formulaic and most pf the way through grabs at low hanging fruit, like Otto’s unfamiliarity with the modern world, not having a cell phone, etc.  Or the obvious “everyone just films things with their cell phone” train station scene. I also never really bought his grumpy old man bit, at least not fully.  I am going to guess that the star of the Swedish film this was adapted from – A Man Called Ove – was more acerbic and venomous.  With that in mind, despite the darker scenes contained within, it’s more of an upbeat, life-affirming film and I found it generally entertaining.


Older Movies Watched (that I’ve seen before, sometimes many times) – The Guns of Navarone, And Justice For All, Scent of a Woman.

Out of the WAY #56


by W. Andrew York

(wandrew88 of




Baseball season is well on the way, and the Express (at least at one recent point) had their best start as a AAA team (at that time, the AA 2004 version had a bit better record). However, they are currently playing against the best team in the Pacific Coast League (PCL) – the Oklahoma City Dodgers. They’ve dropped the first three games, all by the relievers giving up 4 runs in the 7th inning after being ahead. So, their “second best in the PCL” standing is in jeopardy. Hopefully things will shake out for the final three games and we can split the series. Regardless, still fun games to enjoy (when there aren’t rain delays – this weekend is looking to be VERY dicey in that regard). Star Wars Night tonight!

Otherwise, much around here is plugging along as normal. Just found out Ben Folds is coming to the Austin Paramount Theater in October. Already have my ticket, as I enjoy his concerts and, especially, his impromptu “Rock this B*tch” creations which are unique for each venue (see the clip of him in Cary NC with their symphony – an amazing bit of musical creation on the spot).

Below is the usual slimmed down version of OOTW. There are a few more book reviews (I read while at the ballpark before the game and between innings) but no extra material besides that. I do want to get back to finding time to actually spend some time researching/writing/musing.

That said, still on the fence on continuing this – one day it’s time to run it down, the next enthusiasm reigns. I’ll make a final decision in the next month (putting my foot in the sand to make the decision).





Letter Column

(always welcome, send them in!)

(if something shouldn’t be included here, clearly mark it as a personal comment)


None Received!





Mini-Book Reviews

(finished since last issue)


Casca: The War Lord by Barry Sadler (1980; 182p).


                This, the 3rd Casca book, has Casca returning from his jaunt to North America and discovering what has changed in Europe since he left. Deciding to follow-up on his mentor’s thoughts (in the first book), he heads towards the distant east and the lands he’d been told about.

                Along the way, he comes across a group of fanatics who are obsessed with the spear, and the tale, of the man who thrust it into the side of the man on the cross. Eventually, he overcomes that hurdle, but the encounter portends future crossing of ways with that group. After his adventures while travelling across Asia, he becomes entangled in the politics of China, including court intrigues, and has a hand in setting a future course for the empire.

                A worthwhile addition to the Casca canon, it moves quickly and keeps the reader engaged while providing a feel to the civilization and the times. While recommended, the previous cautions regarding language, violence, etc. hold.

[April 2023]


Confessions by Saint Augustine (1961; 347p).


I’d first read/skimmed this in college, my “senior” thesis class was on Augustine, his life, times and religion. I found it interesting back then, but it was a cursory impression. This read through was much more focused and taken in small bits - each of the thirteen internal “books” are broken into smaller “chapters” each lasting from a paragraph or two to several pages. All books are written around a specific theme or point. To took it at pace of a chapter a day.

The beginning/middle of the book is much more grounded into fact, discussing his biography and the path to his full conversion and acceptance of the Christian faith. Some side treks look into some of the heretical practices common at the time, such as the Manicheans, and his devotion to his mother.

The last three chapters consist of a deep inquiry into the early part of Genesis and the Creation story, including the role of the Trinity. This is a bit more difficult to understand and follow, but is definitely more thought – provoking requiring time to reflect and digest the thoughts. I have a neighbor who’s going to borrow it, but when it comes back I will likely reread these chapters to better understand them.

Definitely not the book for the casual reader, but certainly an important read for anyone studying the Christian faith and the early centuries of the religion’s growth. That said, I would certainly suggest tackling the book in a slow and methodical manner with time afterwards each day spent pondering his revelations.

Recommended only for those seriously interested in the early Christian church, to deepen their faith or, of course, those studying Augustine. [May 2023]


Feet of Clay by Terry Pratchett (1996; 392p).


                A mystery in Ankh-Morpork – murder and attempted murder has the attention of the City Watch. Who, or what, is behind them and how are they related (if they are) is the driving force behind the story. Coupled with the book’s main theme is a side plot looking into the golem underclass and how they fit into the greater society.

                Well written – it is one of the most compelling of the books so far. I didn’t want to set it down and it was read in a fairly quick timeframe. Plenty of hints, clues and red herrings abound in the storyline, while the ending is quite satisfying and wraps up events into a tight narrative.

                Recommended, but definitely read the books prior to it to fully enjoy the depth of the tale and what Pratchett weaves in this volume. This would even fit into the mystery genre, if not for the fantastical elements germane to the Diskworld setting. [April 2023]


Soul Music by Terry Pratchett (1995; 420p).


                Death decides to take another break, but this time leaves no one (apprentice or otherwise) to take up his tasks. His old apprentice, and “daughter”, have died so they aren’t there to return to duty. However, they did have a child…

                Meanwhile, in Ankh-Morpork, a musical revolution is blossoming. A fledgling bard arrives and soon is enthralled by a musical instrument (of dubious origin). Putting a band together, Pratchett’s version of rock-and-roll mania sweeps the City and Discworld (once touring becomes a thing). And, then there’s the added complication of obsessed fans and their adoration.

                Filled with puns, right turns (when you expect a left) and the usual fantastic wordplay, the book was thoroughly enjoyable to read. Highly recommended, but it definitely grows on the ground sowed from previous books (especially the two focusing on Death). [April 2023]





Babylon 5 Quote


In “Exercise of Vital Powers” – Edgars: “You’re thinking in old terms, the force of arms. But times have changed. We’re

talking a war of information, a war of secrets, a war of intimidation.”


Source: Babylon 5: The Official 1998 Calendar, copyright 1998.





Game Section


Everyone Plays Games: Hangman, By Definition; Facts in Five


Game Openings: None currently


Standbys: Gunboat Diplomacy (x1)





 “Round Rock Express”

(No-Press Gunboat, Game #1)

MN: 2021Crb32


Autumn 1907


England: a bur-otb

France: A bre-GAS

Italy: A sev-ARM


Winter 1907


Austria unable to build

England builds F LON, A LPL

France removes a par


Spring 1908


Austria: F gre-ALB, A TRI s a bud, A bud s a rum (r-ser/otb), A RUM s ita a arm-sev, A BUL s a rum

England:  F KIE hold, F BRE hold, F spa(sc) hold (r-por/wme/mao/otb), F eng-WAL, F edi-YOR, F LON s f edi-yor,

A LPL s f edi-yor

France: A mar-SPA, A GAS s a mar-spa

Germany: F NTH c a yor-edi, A bel-PIC, A TYL-tri, A mos-UKR, F NWY s f nth, A sev-rum (r-mos/otb), A yor-EDI,

A vie-BUD, A GAL s a vie-bud, A BUR s a bel-pic, A RUH-kie, A boh-MUN

Italy: F ank-BLA, A arm-SEV, A VEN s aus a tri, F AEG holds, F pie-GOL, A tus-PIE, F ION holds


Supply Center Count


Austria: Tri, Ser, Gre, Bul, Rum, Bud                                            

England: Edi, Lpl, Lon, Por, Spa, Kie, Bre                                   

France: Mar, Par                                                                                 

Germany: Ber, Mun, Den, Hol, Swe, War, Mos, Stp, Vie, Nwy, Bel, Sev              

Italy: Nap, Rom, Ven, Tun , Smy, Con, Ank                                                 

Neutral: none


Next Due Summer and Fall 1908


Note – Split seasons are granted when 2 or more requests are received if 4+ players; 3 or less requires only 1.





Hangman, By Definition


This is a five-round game, with each round consisting of a variable number of turns. The winner will be the person who wins the most rounds, with a tie breaker being fewest total number of turns in those winning rounds. Second tie breaker will be the greatest number of letters guessed (by total count revealed, not by individual letter).


Each round will consist of identifying a word of at least six letters. Along with each word will be the first definition given. All words and definitions will be identified by blank spaces. Words and definitions are verified in a dictionary that was my high school graduation gift (slight hint to those who might want to find the edition).


The goal is to guess the word in as few turns as possible. Each turn, all players will submit up to three different letters to be revealed. The letter submitted by the most players will be the letter revealed in the next turn. Ties will be broken by a randomized method. Additionally, each player should submit a guess for the word. Once the word is correctly identified (spelling is important), that round will end and a new round will begin. All players who guess the word in the same turn will share in the win for the round. If the word is not guessed by the end of six turns with no letter being revealed, no one will win the round.


Along with revealing letters in the word, letters will be revealed in the definition. There are no bonus points for guessing any part of the definition, it is only there to help players figure out the word. No guesses about parts of the definition will be confirmed or displayed except by the letter revealed in that round. The letters “E” and “S” can never be chosen as the letter to be revealed.


Game 2, Round Three Turn 2:


                Letter Votes: B – 1; F – 1; G – 3; H – 1; K – 1; L – 2; M – 3; R – 2; T – 2; U – 1; Y – 1

Revealed: G (dice roll decision with d6)


                Words Guessed:   (Firth) Repertoire; (Galt) <>; (Kent) Yellowroot; (Lischett) Disruptive;

 (Maslen) Circumflex; (Smith) Embroidery; (Wilson) Heptameter




                Word:     __  __  __  __  __  G __  __  __  __ (10)        


Definition:             A (1)  __  A  __  __  __  NG (7)  __  __ (2)  __  __  N  __ (4)  __  __  A  __  __  NG (7)


                                                                __  N (2)  __  __  __  __ (4)


                Never Revealed:  E, S                         Already Revealed: A, G, N


Words Previously Guessed in this Game: Accusation, Adjuration, Anticipate, Balderdash, Complicate, Contention, Contrition,

Laboratory, Lampadrome, Metabolize, Persuasive, Possessive, Watercolor, Yellowlegs


Game Words Correctly Guessed: Metamorphosis (Firth, Maslen, Smith, Wilson); Chromatic (Firth, Maslen, Smith)





                                                                        FACTS IN FIVE


Rules:     There will be five rounds, the cumulative high score at the end of the fifth round will be the winner. Anyone may join anytime with a starting score matching the lowest total from the previous round. Anyone missing a round will add the lowest score of that round.

                Each round will consist of five categories and five letters.  Each player submit may an entry for each category which has a key word that starts with each of the letters (twenty-five total entries). Key words are generally the first word; however, articles (the, a, etc.) and modifiers (“red” in red bicycle for “R” in “mode of transportation” or “general” in General Lee for “G” in “Military Leaders”) are not key words. A word in the category may not be the key word (“bank” in “Bank of America” for “B” in the category “Banks”). For given names, the last name is the key word, if married it will be their post-marriage last name. However, in the case of commonly used stage names, that name should be used (in a category of female singers, ”Q” could be “Queen Latifa” and “Cher” for “C”). An entry may only be used once per round. Please clearly identify which individual you are using as your answer if there are multiple potential people with a given name. For instance, if the category is American Presidents, answering Washington is fine as there is only one; however, if you decided to use Bush you need to indicate whether you are submitting the father or the son. Unclear answers will be matched to score the least points. Using the Bush example, if one person submitted “Bush” and three people submit “George W. Bush” the latter would score 2 points and the former 1.

                One point will be scored for each entry that unarguably meets the letter and category. An additional point will be added if anyone else also uses the same valid entry for the same category. Maximum possible score in a round is 50 with a lowest possible score of 25, presuming an individual submits a valid entry for each category and letter in that round.

                Research is allowed, collaboration between players is not.


Game Seven, Round Three


Bolded - Scores 2 points for matching another entry; Crossed Out - scores 0 points; otherwise scores 1 point.


REMINDER - Last names are generally the key word, not first names.


                                                D                             K                             P                              T                             W


Actor Currently under 20 years       

    Mark Firth                        <>                           <>                           <>                           <>                           <>

    Doug Kent                        Julian Dennison   Dafne Keen           Brooklynn Prince  Elisha Williams   Jacob Tremblay

    Andy Lischett                  AF Davis               Gavin Kent           Brooklynn Prince  Peyten Wich      Jacob Tremblay

    Walt O’Hara                    Daniel DiMaggio  Ava Kolker         Milo Parker           Forrest Wheeler Thalia Tran

    Kevin Wilson                   Daniel DiMaggio  <>                         Brooklynn Prince  Forrest Wheeler  Jacob Tremblay


Role-Playing Game System

    Mark Firth                        <>                           <>                           <>                           <>                           <>

    Doug Kent                        D&D                      KABAL                 Prince Valiant      Warhammer       Traveler

    Andy Lischett                  D&D                      KP for Satan        Pathfinder            Warcraft              Timelords

    Walt O’Hara                    D&D                      Kids on Bikes       Pathfinder            Warhammer       Top Secret

    Kevin Wilson                   D&D                      KABAL                 Paranoia                World of Warcraft  Traveler


Podcaster (include the podcast’s name)

    Mark Firth                        <>                           <>                           <>                           <>                           <>

    Doug Kent                        Glennon Doyle    Karen Kilgariff     Jordan Peterson    Jennifer Welch     Sabrina Tavernise

    Andy Lischett                  Chris D’Elia          Charlie Kirk          Dennis Prager       Rainn Wilson        Stephen Tobolowsky

    Walt O’Hara                    Glennon Doyle  Ashleigh Kelly     Danila Poperechny  Jeff Wittek        Sabrina Tavernise

    Kevin Wilson                   J Louis-Dreyfus   Nish Kumar          Dan Pfeiffer          Alex Wagner        Juanita Tolliver


Non-British Prime Minster

    Mark Firth                        <>                           <>                           <>                           <>                           <>

    Doug Kent                        Pierre Dartout      S Kuugongelwa    Nikol Pashinyan  Sandor Wekerle    Justin Trudeau

    Andy Lischett                  Edouard Deladier Nikita Krushchev Shimon Peres        Ranil Wickremasinghe  Pierre Trudeau

    Walt O’Hara                    Philip Davis          Rashidi Kawawa Lester Bowles       PS Watchayavong  Justin Trudeau

    Kevin Wilson                   Mario Draghi        Fumio Kishida      Lester Pearson     Gough Whitlam   Justin Trudeau


Television Variety Show Name [Note - “the” and “show” were omitted from many of the entries]

    Mark Firth                        <>                           <>                           <>                           <>                           <>

    Doug Kent                        Donny & Marie    Kroft Supershow  Playboy After Dark  Wonderama    Tony Orlando and Dawn

    Andy Lischett                  Dean Martin       Kraft Music Hall  Perry Como         WDWWoC           That was the Week that Was

    Walt O’Hara                    DRRS                     King Family         Perry Como         Walter Winchell Tonight Show

    Kevin Wilson                   Dean Martin       Kelly Clarkson     Perry Como         WDWWoC           Tony Orlando and Dawn


Note – for allowed and disallowed answers, please feel free to correct me!


General Notes [with player commentary between brackets] –


on Doug’s Answers: D&D is Dungeons and Dragons; Glennon Doyle [We Can Do Hard Things], Karen Kilgariff [My Favorite

Murder], Jordan Peterson [The Jordan Peterson Podcast], Jennifer Welch [I’ve Had It], Sabrina Tavernise [The Daily];

S Kuugongelwa is Saara Kuugongelwa;

on Andy’s Answers: AF Davis Avery Franklin Davis; D&D is Dungeons and Dragons, KP for Satan is Kill Puppies for Satan;

Chris D’Elia [Congratulations with Chris D’Elia], Charlie Kirk [The Charlie Kirk Show], Dennis Prager [Dennis Prager

Podcasts], Rainn Wilson [Metaphysical Milkshake], Stephen Tobolowsky [The Tobolowsky Files]; WDWWoC is Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color

on Walt’s Answers: D&D is Dungeons and Dragons [like, duh… TSR, WOTC], Kids on Bikes [great game! Hunters

Entertainment], Pathfinder [like, duhh again… Paizo Publishing]; Warhammer is Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

(WFRP) [Games Workshop], Top Secret [TSR]; Glennon Doyle [We Can Do Hard Things], Ashleigh Kelly [Morbid,

note: great true crime podcast], Danila Poperechny [Soulless, Russian: <Cyrillic version>], Jeff Wittek [Jeff FM],

Sabrina Tavernise [The Daily]; Philip Davis {Bahamas, current], Rashidi Kawawa [Tanzania, past], Lester Bowles

[Canada, past], PS Watchayavong is Prince Sisowath Watchayavong [Cambodia, past], Justin Trudeau [Canada,

current]; DRRS is Doodlebops Rockin’ Road Show

on Kevin’s Answers: D&D is Dungeons and Dragons; J Louis-Dreyfus is Julia Louis-Dreyfus [Wiser Than Me], Nish Kumar

[Pod Save the UK], Dan Pfeiffer [Pod Save America], Alex Wagner [Six Feet Apart], Juanita Tolliver [What a Day];

Mario Draghi [Italy], Fumio Kishida [Japan], Lester Pearson [Canada], Gough Whitlam [Australia], Justin Trudeau

[Canada]; WDWWoC is Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color


General Player Comments:


[Andy Lischett] – This is especially hard this time. For 25 slots I initially had only five answers. The Dean Martin Show, The

Perry Como Show, Dungeons and Dragons, Justin Trudeau and Edouard Deladier. I knew no actors under 20-years-old,

and looking them up is depressing, with publicity shots of teenagers posing as if they are James Dean or Brigitte Bardot.

      [WAY] – I only knew a couple of those folks listed, and you’re right, we’re certainly getting older compared to the up-and-

comers. Maybe in a future round I’ll have “Actors (still acting) over 80 Years Old” for a category.

      [AL] - I’ve heard of Warcraft as a popular video game, so maybe its also a role-playing game. [WAY] – Yep. [AL] - As for

podcasters, I’ve never heard any but assume that everyone in TV, radio or news organizations has one… free money for

blabbing. [WAY] – don’t listen to them myself either, too much else to do. Plus, I’d rather read/skim the material at a

much quicker clip than having to listen to folks read it to me (same reason I don’t do audio books).

      [AL] - I could go with Jomo Kenyatta, but I believe a Premier (Kruschchev) is the same as a Prime Minister. [WAY] – I’ll

allow it.

      [AL] - Was That Was the Week That Was a variety show? That’s up to you. [WAY] – Initially I disallowed it based on my

initial validation, but additional material was later uncovered that reversed my decision.


[Kevin Wilson] – Tough categories this time, except for podcasts where I mainly stayed with Crooked Media. I’m not an RPG

player but D&D, Traveler and Warcraft were some I at least knew.



Game Seven, Round Four


Letters:                  A             B             D             E             H

Categories:            Famous Non-Patriot from the (US) Revolutionary War; Living, US Top-40, Solo Singer;

Oceanographer; Name of a Type of Apparel (not a Manufacturer);

Name of Former Sports Team (specify the sport and the city/region identified with them)



Current Standings


Scores by Category             1st           2nd         3rd          4th          5th          Now                        Previous                 Total     

   Doug Kent                           7             9             7             6             6             35         +                   81      =                 116

   Kevin Wilson                      8             9             5             6             8             36         +                   78      =                 114

   Andy Lischett                     7             8             5             5             6             31         +                   79      =                 110

   Walt O’Hara                       7             8             7             6             6             34         +                  74      =                 108

   Mark Firth                            0             0             0             0             0             31*       +                   73      =                 104


*Null response receives lowest score from this round





Deadline for the Next Issue of Out of the WAY:


June 7, 2023 at noon Central US Time Zone

See You Then!


Game entries, letters of comment and other material can be sent to:


                wandrew88 at; or by post to: W. Andrew York; POB 201117; Austin TX 78720-1117


Eternal Sunshine Game Section


Diplomacy, “More Than Ever”, 2021A, F 08

Austria: Andy  Retreat A Galicia - Vienna..

 F Aegean Sea Supports F Smyrna – Constantinople, A Bohemia Supports A Munich, F Brest - English Channel,

 A Budapest – Galicia, A Bulgaria Supports F Smyrna – Constantinople,

 A Rumania Supports A Budapest - Galicia (*Dislodged*, retreat to Budapest or OTB),

 A Serbia Supports A Bulgaria, F Smyrna – Constantinople, A Trieste – Albania, A Tyrolia Supports A Munich,

 A Vienna Supports A Budapest - Galicia.  

France: Brad Wilson - - A Burgundy Supports A Munich, F Clyde - Norwegian Sea,

 A Gascony – Paris, F London - North Sea, A Munich Supports A Bohemia (*Cut*),

 F North Atlantic Ocean Supports F Clyde - Norwegian Sea.

Germany: Andy York – - Retreat A Munich - Ruhr..

 F Baltic Sea Supports A Finland – Sweden, A Berlin Supports A Kiel – Munich, A Finland – Sweden,

 A Kiel - Munich (*Fails*), F North Sea – Edinburgh,

 F Norwegian Sea Supports F North Sea - Edinburgh (*Dislodged*, retreat to Barents Sea or OTB),

 A Ruhr Supports A Kiel – Munich, A Silesia Supports A Kiel - Munich.

Russia: Graham Wilson - grahamaw@rogers.comF Black Sea Supports A Galicia – Rumania,

 A Constantinople - Bulgaria (*Dislodged*), A Galicia – Rumania,

 F Gulf of Bothnia - St Petersburg(sc) (*Bounce*, retreat to Ankara or OTB),

 F Norway - St Petersburg(nc) (*Bounce*), A Sevastopol Supports A Galicia – Rumania, A St Petersburg – Livonia,

 A Ukraine Supports A Galicia - Rumania.


Now Proposed – Concession to Austria

Please vote.  NVR=No


Supply Center Chart


Austria:            Brest, Budapest, Bulgaria, Constantinople, Greece, Naples, Rome,

Serbia, Smyrna, Trieste, Tunis, Vienna=12                                           Build 1 or 2

France:             Liverpool, London, Marseilles, Munich, Paris, Portugal, Spain,

Venice=8                                                                                             Build 2 (Room For 1)

Germany:         Belgium, Berlin, Denmark, Edinburgh, Holland, Kiel, Sweden=7            Even or Remove 1

Russia:             Ankara, Moscow, Norway, Rumania, Sevastopol, St Petersburg,

Warsaw=7                                                                                            Even or Remove 1




BORDEAUX: Back to Paris at last!!! The City of Light! The city of my dreams. I can die happy.


Deadline for W 08/S 09 is June 10th at 7am My Time

By Popular Demand


The goal is to pick something that fits the category and will be the "most popular" answer. You score points based on the number of entries that match yours. For example, if the category is "Cats" and the responses were 7 for Persian, 3 for Calico and 1 for Siamese, everyone who said Persian would get 7 points, Calico 3 and the lone Siamese would score 1 point. The cumulative total over 10 rounds will determine the overall winner. Anyone may enter at any point, starting with an equivalent point total of the lowest cumulative score from the previous round. If a person misses a round, they'll receive the minimum score from the round added to their cumulative total. In each round you may specify one of your answers as your Joker answer. Your score for this answer will be doubled. In other words, if you apply your Joker to category 3 on a given turn, and 4 other people give the same answer as you, you get 10 points instead of 5. Players who fail to submit a Joker for any specific turn will have their Joker automatically applied to the first category. And, if you want to submit some commentary with your answers, feel free to. The game will consist of 10 rounds.  The score for Round 10 is doubled.


Turn 9 Categories:


1. A type of naval ship.

2. A vowel

3. Something advertised on a billboard.

4. An album by The Who.

5. A terrible movie.



Joker category shown in BOLD.  Most popular answer shown in the bottom row.

Kevin Wilson and David Burgess get the top score of 24 this round (out of a possible 25).  Mark Firth gets the low score of 12. 


Comments by Category:


A type of naval ship: Kevin Wilson – “For the naval ship, I thought of Aircraft Carriers because they are just damned impressive. I thought about nuclear missile submarines because they too are just damned impressive. But, I went with the classic, despite not being too common these days. That and because it’s a game we probably all started with somewhere in our youth.”  Mark Firth – “Went with first thought; maybe Gunboat better?”


A vowel: Kevin Wilson – “As to a vowel, just the most common letter in the English language.”  Walk O’Hara – “I guess sometimes Y won't work here.”  [[Maybe not as a popular answer, but certainly as an answer that fits the category.]]  Mark Firth – “It’s all about me.”


Something advertised on a billboard: Andy Lischett – “I'm hoping that "A roadside attraction" is too vague, but "Motel" isn't. My favorite billboard was "Drop Dead Gorgeous Snakes" for the Indianapolis Zoo. A creepy billboard outside Chicago advertised crime scene cleanup services.”  Kevin Wilson – “For billboard ads, if you live in the Chicago area it seems about 50% of the billboards have Brian Urlacher on them advertising Restore hair restoration.  Some are funny, some less so but they are EVERYWHERE.”  Brad Wilson – “In Philadelphia, No. 3 right now would seem to be lawyers, but I am not sure that is everywhere.”  Mark Firth – “Initial image was Marlboro, so they must be strong adverts. Then 60s style exotic locations.”


An album by The Who: Andy Lischett – “Not one of my favorite bands, but okay. Carol's answer may be better, but I remember the Live at Leeds album jacket with all of the fake contracts and stuff.”  Kevin Wilson – “I’m not a music aficionado so any question on bands, albums, etc. are tough for me. But a quick Google search says Tommy is their #1 so it’s my #1 too.”  Mark Firth – “Had to pick this! Think Robert Plant was the mega-star I saw in the Refec but not Roger Daltrey (I did see Daltrey/Townshend at an outdoor festival in Leeds though).”


A terrible movie: Andy Lischett – “As Carol said, so many choices. I may be sacrificing my chances at catching Andy York, but Thelma and Louise is my all-time least favorite movie.”  [[It’s certainly not my least favorite, but I suppose I would put it as one of the more over-praised movies.]]  Richard Smith – “This was a cult "terrible movie" when I was at university in the 80s. Jim Reader and I watched it thanks to the Warwick Sci-Fi Soc. who were also responsible for giving us Flesh Gordon despite the lecture theatre being picketed by angry feminists.”  Kevin Wilson – “So many choices for bad movies and often a personal view/taste but all of those Sharknado movies were so stupid they got popular because of their stupidity/badness. I don’t expect to hit much with this but at least it’s an answer.”  Walt O’Hara – “There are sooo many.. I was going to go with "Zero in the Rotten Tomatoes scale" but decided to choose the legend itself.”  David Burgess – “(I'm sure that I will not get any matches.....But, I was working at a movie theater as a kid when it came out.  I think it lasted less only a week.  I can't imagine 100 people paid to see it and I think every one of them left before it ended.)”  [[I THINK I only saw it on cable.  Kind of dumb to have a sequel to Porky’s without Porky, but so be it.  I do know it made quite a bit of money, despite what a lousy film it was.  And I’ll give it a pass since Bob Clark and Alan Ormsby were involved, and they brought us Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things which has tremendous nostalgic value to me.]]  Mark Firth – “Not seen it, but it would be terrible if I did. The events are quite terrible too. I think if I watch a badly made film throughout there must be a redeeming feature. There are many blockbusters I would doubtless find terrible were I forced to watch them.”


General Comments: Andy Lischett – “I thought there would be more votes for Charade, seeing as how you've mentioned it as one of your favorites.”  [[But I have also mentioned North By Northwest as one of my favorites, so the same logic could apply there.  I doubt I had much influence on answers.]]  Brad Wilson – “I saw a 1940 Cary Grant movie, "His Gal Friday", on a big screen in Philadelphia last week and it was awesome. He's so sharp, and Rosalind Russell was terrific to. Seeing movies in theatres is so much better.”  [[If I won the lottery I’d open a one-screen theater and just show what I wanted to.]]


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2. An airline which is not based in the U.S.

3. A movie with the word “house” in the title.

4. A laundry detergent (brand name).

5. A serial killer.


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