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Postal Diplomacy Zine Archive Page

(This page last updated on 8/11/2017)

This section of the web site is for past issues of any other old Diplomacy zines that

I find or that people send along.  I very much would like to keep this section

growing, so if you have any old zines, please get in touch with me.  You could

either send them to me for keeps, send them to me to return after scanning, or

simply scan them yourself.  Regardless, email me at 

and let me know what zines you have!

 Back issues of Diplomacy World can be found at

We’ll have the entire collection, more than 100 issues, posted very soon!  Old

issues of Foolhardy and back issues of Eternal Sunshine have their own section

on this website; just look for that in the menu bar at the left.  Back issues of The

Abyssinian Prince and Ishkibibble can be found on the Diplomactic Pouch postal

section at  Note that many of the

zines listed here have their individual back issues on a separate page; just follow

the links!

 If you want to see Stephen Agar’s archive of UK postal Diplomacy zines, visit his

site at:

 I created a free Yahoo group to notify people about additions to this section, and

so we can discuss who has old zines on hand and the possibility of borrowing

them or having them scanned.  You can join that group at:


There is also a Zine Archive group on Facebook, at:!/groups/192335652770/


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