Eternal Sunshine #104

September 2015

By Douglas Kent 911 Irene Drive, Mesquite, TX  75149

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Welcome to the latest issue of Eternal Sunshine, which seems to have hit the summer doldrums.  Lots of last minute orders, and potentially NMR’s as I am still missing a lot of stuff as of this writing.  I haven’t lost my motivation to keep the zine going…it’ll take more than one quiet month to kill that.  Maybe two months? 


I know I’ve mentioned this before, but if anybody has connections that might get my prison memoir a review somewhere (internet, print, radio, television) I’d really appreciate you trying to hook me up.  Sales have now slowly dwindled to one or two a month.  Based on how enthusiastic some of my readers have been I think there could be a wider audience, but I have to figure out how to get their attention.


In the meantime I have been writing a bit, just not on my next memoir.  I’m having a go at a splatterpunk novella to see how I handle that kind of genre.  When I’m done I’ll let Heather read it and let her decide if it should be destroyed or if it deserves to see the light of day.  I’m also doing a bit of work on another project, on and off.


Aside from how emotionally difficult parts of the next memoir – about my relationship with my first wife – will be to write, I think I’m sort of holding myself back until I feel confirmation that my first book was good enough to deserve another memoir at all.  I don’t know what it is I am specifically looking for…I suppose I will know it when I feel it.


Remember to check the game openings in the zine proper and in Richard Weiss’s subzine.  We could use some more participation!  I’m also hoping the Dead Pool and Football Contest get enough entries to make them worth doing.  I’ve got 24 hours to see how they go, and then to decide if I move forward or bury either or both of them.


That’s about it for now.  See you in October!



Hypothetical of the Month


Last month we gave you the following questions: #1 – You pay for Netflix Streaming service.  A very good friend is on a horribly tight budget and asks if she can have your password to use the account too.  You want to comply, but also fear she may “loan” the account to some of her own friends.  What do you do or say? 


Jack McHugh - No, if i don't trust them I don't lend them my password.  And if she asks I will tell her why.


Andy York - Presuming you have a one-person license (I have no idea how Netflix is licensed), nope. If it is an unlimited or enterprise license that allows multiple users, yep. Whether they were going to reshare my password is not relevant (unless I have a two-person license and they were the second user).


John David Galt - I'd tell them no.  Even if I thought Netflix was ripping me off, there are too many ways that kind of "favor" can come back and bite you.


Larry Peery - Tell her that you are also cutting your budget and looking for somebody to share their Netflix account info with you.


Dick Martin - sure, but remind her that it's for her only. if it gets shared further, then cut off access & blame netflix for figuring it out :)


Andy Lischett - Easy, I tell my friend that she will survive without stealing movies.


#2 – The duplex down the street houses two families or groups of friends, one on each side; you’ve never met either.  One of your neighbors says “white supremacists” live there, another jokingly referred to the place as the “local ISIS base.”  Last week you saw a box on the porch marked “Lamp Oil.”  This week you noticed a delivery where the box is marked “Slow Cooker.”  What do you say or do?


Melinda Holley - I don't do anything.  One person labels the people as one group and another person labels them as something else.  Two different groups, by the way, who could not co-exist long enough to have the mail delivered.  It's not illegal to have either lamp oil or a slow cooker delivered to their home(s).


Jack McHugh - Nothing....if that's all the evidence there is then I mind my own business.  Your “proof” is all gossip and innuendo.


Andy York - The chances I'd notice something like that is basically nil - especially with my eyesight and being able to see the content list on a box on someone's porch while passing by is AMAZING. Regardless, it goes back to the response to question #1 last issue - mere suspicion or profiling isn't enough to involve officials. However, some overt act such as the sound of an explosion that isn't from a TV would, especially coupled with the other unlikely observations.


John David Galt - This is a probably-innocent situation to which police, if called, will likely overreact (and these days they may well kill someone).  I don't do anything, but I do keep an eye on that duplex for a while.  If there is any kind of crime that might imply my suspicions are true, I'll call the cops afterward and tell them what I saw.


(But -- if, while just watching, I find out the people in the house really are Muslim and/or white supremacists, then I'll make the call. Even if you think profiling is evil, it makes hard sense in this case.)


Larry Peery - Make sure your Homeowner’s or renter's insurance is up to date for full replacement value.


Dick Martin - i wonder when they're going to invite me over for a romantic lamp-lit dinner.


Andy Lischett - Since lamp oil is such an odd thing for people to buy I would probably call the police and sheepishly report the odd purchases.


For Next Month (For the time being, I am often selecting questions from the game “A Question of Scruples” which was published in 1984 by High Games Enterprises).  Remember you can make your answers as detailed as you wish..but “this could never happen” is a cop out answer: #1 – You are out at a club to see a band.  You recognize a coworker there, and she is making out with a man you know not to be her husband.  Near the end of the show she notices you and she and her date hastily leave.  Do you say anything to her about this, or to her husband (who you have met a few times), or anyone else, or nobody?  And if you do say something, what do you say?


#2 – You’re selling a used car which you have owned for nine years, and which has about 120,000 miles on it.  It had been leaking oil until recently, when you poured a bottle of “Stop Leak” into the oil supply.  Do you mention the oil leak to prospective buyers?


The Dining Dead -
The Eternal Sunshine Movie Reviews


Seen on DVD and Netflix – Charly (B-, the film still holds up decently but Cliff Robertson’s portrayal doesn’t seem fresh after all these years and so many other actors taking on mentally challenged characters), Lords of Salem (B-, long and a little slow, but still interesting throughout.  I hear a sequel is in the works), From the Dark (B, vampires in Ireland with a couple of twists.  Rather fun),  Now You See Me (C, I remember the trailer made the film look interesting, but the pace is rushed and the ending idiotic), Inner Demons (B, a fun take on the “found footage” genre, with what is probably an accurate portrayal of how little the crew members of Intervention-like shows care about their subjects), Atticus Institute (B, another “documentary” horror film, but well done.  The footage really feels like the 70’s), Blow Out (B-, the film still holds up even if Travolta is less believable as he was when it first came out), The Living (B+, decent drama about the consequences of our actions, deserved or otherwise), The Secret of My Success (B, still a fun film despite its age and the ridiculous premise), The Omen 666 (B, for a remake it was well done and well-acted.  Not a waste of time).



Meet Me In Montauk
The Eternal Sunshine Letter Column


Andy York - It's interesting that a game published in 1984 had questions about NetFlix and ISIS - some serious foretelling of the future that someone was able to do!


[[Ha ha, it says I am often selecting question from that game, not exclusively!]]


For Roger, he might contact Chris Hassler who runs DUNE in a zine ("S.O.B.") very successfully. SotN has also been done and I've enjoyed it (I usually played "Dr. How") in a long running zine back in the '80s/early '90s out of Milford CT (as I recall) by Earl Whiskeyman. If I recall correctly it was "The Gamers' 'Zine" and was sponsored by the Connecticut Gaming Club (very dusty memories). I have no idea if Earl is still around as it's been 20+ years at least.


[[I thought I remembered he had passed away, but I am simply unsure.]]


I'd be interested in another SotN, but would pass on the others he mentions. I've played the Dune game in Chris's 'zine and will be a standby; but, it's nothing that really grabs my attention. Chris also runs a number of other non-Dip games that may be of interest or he could likely help in devising a way to play something else.


[[Would you believe I just won the latest game of Dune is S.O.B. as the BG?  My first ever Dune win!]]


Steve Cooley - NFL Predictions (btw, I know NOTHING about football--except that Tom Brady was framed!)




East: 1. Eagles, 2. Giants, 3. Cowboys, 4. Deadskins

North: 1. Packers, 2. Vikings, 3. Bears, 4. Lions

South: 1. Saints, 2. Panthers, 3. Falcons, 4. Bucs

West: 1. Seahawks, 2. Cardinals, 3. Rams, 4. 49ers




East: 1. Patriots 2. Bills 3. Dolphins 4. Jets

North: 1. Ravens 2. Bengals 3. Steelers 4. Browns

South: 1. Colts 2. Texans 3. Jaguars 4. Titans

West: 1. Broncos 2. Chargers 3. Raiders 4. Chiefs


The Eternal Sunshine Football Prediction Contest


We just barely got enough entries for me to run this thing.  Better increase participation next season, or bye bye!



The Eternal Sunshine

Dead Pool



Here are the lists.  Remember the pool ends with the “May” issue, which comes out in late April.  If you hear that someone on one of these lists has passed away, please let me know!  I’ll post periodic updates.



Where in the World is Kendo Nagasaki?


Turn 1


John David Galt:

Curt Schilling in Tokyo, Japan


Kevin Wilson:

Johann Sebastian Bach in Pretoria, South Africa


Andy York:

Doug Kent in Mesquite, Texas


Richard Weiss:

Oliver Cromwell in Brasilia, Brazil


Hank Alme:

George Clinton in Des Moines, Iowa


Rick Desper:

Prince in Minneapolis, Minnesota


Marc Ellinger:

Ronald Reagan in Berlin, Germany


Jim Burgess:

Pablo Picasso in Government Center, Boston, Massachusetts


Tom Howell:

Susan Glaspell in Schwyz, Switzerland 


Brendan Whyte:

Bill Cosby in Alcatraz, San Francisco Harbor, California


Jack McHugh:

Leonardo Di Vinici in Tokyo, Japan


Andy Lischett:

Albert Einstein in Madrid, Spain


Mark Firth:

Emil Zatopek in Christchurch, New Zealand


Hint to Person Placed Closest to Me: I died before you were born.  Wrong nationality…but correct chromosome.


Turn 2


Jack McHugh:

Jesus Christ in San Paulo, Brazil


Andy York:

Doug Kent in Tangier, Morocco


Richard Weiss:

Niccolo di Bernardo dei Machiavelli in Lima, Peru


John David Galt:

Snoop Dogg in Marseille, France


Tom Howell:

Frances Sargent Osgood (born 18 Jun 1811, died 12 May 1850) in Zagreb,



Rick Desper:

Charles Darwin on Darwin Island, Galapagos


Hank Alme:

Tony Romo in Vientiane, Laos


Marc Ellinger:

Charlotte of Prussia (Alexandra Feodorovna) in Milan, Italy


Andy Lischett:

Anne Hathaway in Rome, Italy


Brendan Whyte:

Pope Innocent IV in Rome, Italy


Jim Burgess:

Marco Polo in Kabul, Afghanistan


Mark Firth:

John Bunyan in Hanoi, Vietnam


Kevin Wilson:

Anne Boleyn in Milan, Italy


Hint to Person Placed Closest to Me:

You were born during my lifetime, but I died before you reached the pinnacle of your fame.


Deadline for Round 3 is September 29th at 7am My Time


The Activist by Lawrence Goldstone

Reviewed by Paul Milewski


Though it is about “John Marshall, Marbury v. Madison, and the myth of judicial review,” Goldstone’s book gives a general account of the political environment at the time leading up to Marshall becoming Chief Justice of the Supreme Court as well as Marbury v. Madison.  Of course, the Supreme Court had very little business to conduct when first founded, so as odd as it may seem to us today, sending the Supreme Court chief justice out of the country for a long time to negotiate a peace treaty seemed perfectly reasonable.  Also, Goldstone paints a picture of the heated and contentious ongoing struggle between the Federalists (George Washington, for instance) seeking a stronger central government and the Republicans (Thomas Jefferson, for instance) wishing a weaker central government.  I am particularly fond of the discussion of “Jay’s treaty” because of the parallel to our present day controversy over the Iran nuclear deal that one side of the political spectrum thinks gives too much away to get very little and the other side thinks is a brilliant stroke of diplomacy.

[Page 106]


The solution, therefore, should be diplomatic and not military.  [President George] Washington decided to send a special envoy to London to negotiate terms of rapprochement.  For the task, he chose [Supreme Court] Chief Justice Jay.


Nothing bespeaks the lack of prestige of the Supreme Court more than the terms of Jay’s acceptance.  Not only did he agree to go to England, probably for months, but he felt no need to resign his position as chief justice in order to do so.  No specific provision of the Constitution prohibited him from serving in both capacities concurrently, though the practicalities of the job would dictate that the highest judicial officer in the land should be available to the people that he served.  There is evidence that Jay considered the propriety of accepting, but not whether his absence would have an adverse impact on the affairs of state.


In any event, Jay’s mission was arguably a success.  On November 19, 1974, he signed a treaty with Britain’s Lord Grenville, later called “Jay’s Treaty,” which, while controversial—Jay was widely seen as having given up too much to get too little—effectively eliminated the threat of war with England.

[Page 107-8]


The president wrote back to the South Carolinian [John Rutledge] on July 1, just three days after he had received Jay’s resignation, informing him that he was drawing up a commission [appointing Rutledge chief justice].


The delighted (and probably stunned) [John] Rutledge received the letter in mid-July and was to Philadelphia like a shot, arriving in time for the August term.  While Rutledge was en route, however, Washington’s precipitous appointment acquired a suspicious odor.


The president had considered Jay’s treaty, for all its flaws, a brilliant diplomatic stroke, a triumph of neutrality.  He expected Francophile Republicans to grouse, but Washington was never one to be deterred by the yelping detractors.  He had, however, expected his fellow Federalists to close ranks behind the treaty.


What Rutledge had not bothered to mention [to Washington] in his June 12 letter was that he opposed the treaty, and opposed it vehemently.  In fact, on July 16, mere days before Washington’s letter arrived in Charleston, Rutledge, who probably thought he was to be passed over once more, delivered an address in which he excoriated the Jay treaty.  Northern newspapers received word of the speech late in the month.  They reported that Rutledge had announced that he preferred Washington should die rather than sign the loathsome document.


Brain Farts: The Only Subsubzine With It’s Own Fragrance

By Jack “Flapjack” McHugh –

(or just email Doug and he’ll send it to me)

Issue #71




I’ve been sick the last few days, so I’m just going to give you my football picks.  I also sent them to Sack for his contest.


2015 Football picks


NFC East


Dallas Cowboys

Philadelphia Eagles

Washington Redskins

NY Giants


NFC North:


Detroit Lions

Green Bay Packers

Carolina Panthers

Atlanta Falcons


NFC South


New Orleans Saints

Atlanta Falcons

Carolina Panthers

Tampa Bay Bucs


NFC West:


Seattle Seahawks

SF 49ers

Arizona Cardinals

St. Louis Rams


AFC East


NE Patriots

Buffalo Bills

Miami Dolphins

NY Jets


AFC North:


Cincinnati Bengals

Pittsburgh Steelers

Cleveland Brown

Baltimore Ravens


AFC South


Houston Texans

Tennessee Titans

Jacksonville Jaguars

Indianapolis Colts


AFC West:


San Diego Chargers

KC Chiefs

Denver Broncos

Oakland Raiders




NFC: Eagles and 49ers

AFC: Bills and Chiefs


NFC Champion: Lions

AFC Champion: Texans


Superbowl Winner: Lions



ZERO SUM3    Subzine to Eternal Sunshine,  Issue 6   August 23, 2015


Published by Richard Weiss. 


GM Musings:

American football is gearing up in Week 2 of the full pre-season.  I’m paying attention, as told my son-in-law I’d play Fantasy with him. Will be the first time for football.   I think it will be a very small group and am advocating that we only choose from NFC teams.  Given we both favor that Conference.   He is a 49’ers fan and I the Cowboys. My kids are 49’ers and Father a Giants fan.  Anyone having any advice, stories, drafting strategies, or pride in who they drafted, send em on in.  I need some help.


Presidential primaries get more interesting.  One “debate” down, many more to go.  Hillary sliding down.  Trump remaining.  If my memory is close, there are 600+ candidates for president.  You don’t have to be a person and you don’t have to meet the requirements in the Constitution to be President to run. No one verifies.  Pay a small fee.  No petitions or signatures.  Recent poll showed a teenager, listed as DeezNuts doing better than many of the Republican candidates. 


In Oregon, there is now a 3rd registered party, for which the State must pay the cost of having the primary election ballots, etc.  It is the Independent Party of Oregon.  I always thought anyone could run, given enough valid signatures, and if you weren’t a Republican, Democrat, or any other registered party, you got to be listed as an “Independent.”  Now, at least in OR, that name is co-opted.  Would someone now be listed as “Not Otherwise Assigned?”


ZeroSumCubed deadline for Issue 7 is A WEEK EARLIER than deadline for Eternal Sunshine.  Deadline is September 20, 2015, a Sunday at 8 AM California time.  (I’m leaving later that week for 2-3 weeks in the Northeast, Maritime Provinces of Canada, train to Quebec, stay in hostel and see North America’s oldest, and walled, city. 





  1. Intimate Dip Only Need Two More

A great two-person variant.  The rules are printed in Issue 1 and Issue 2. 

Takes two.  Will run multiple games.  Games proceed as fast as both players want and I can adjudicate.

Signed up:


  1. The Cathy and Pete Gaughan Memorial Snowball Fighting Game. 

For those who have played, this is a frivolous game of runny around the yard throwing various types of snowballs at whomever, sometimes running into the house to have hot chocolate with Mommy, and sometimes making all the snow and icicles on the roof fall down on an unsuspecting kiddo. 


Rules and map are in this issue.


Can always join in.


  1. Nuclear Yuppy Dip now changed to Nuke A Gay Baby Seal for Christ Dip (after my favorite outrageously offensive to everyone bumper sticker of all time)


Game requires seven players.  Send in requests for home countries.  Algorithm decides per GM whim.  Rules per regular Dip except as below.  Spring 01 orders are submitted for units and also orders for the nukes each country has.  Each country has 5 nukes, except Russia has 4.  Thus, 34 SCs and 34 nukes. 

Spring 01 is adjudicated as moves first and then nukes. 


Unit moves are adjudicated before Nuke strikes are adjudicated.

Nukes are ordered to strike (obliterate) provinces.  If there is a unit in the province nuked, the unit is annihilated and the province becomes impassable for 224,666+ years.  If the province has an SC, the SC is annihilated. 


If a nuke is not ordered to strike, it is effectively decommissioned and does not remain available.  Send it or lose it.  There is no requirement to send nukes. 


For Fall 01, players submit orders for their units remaining.  Provinces that are impassable are impassable. 


Winter 01, is per regular Dip with the addition that if a player has a surviving Home SC, the player is given another Nuke for each SC under his or her control.  


For Spring 02, players with units and/or home SCs submit orders for the units and any nukes gained in Winter 01.   Moves first, then the nukes.  Then Fall 02 and continues until all annihilated, one victor, or no more home SCs and units stuck without viable moves.  A single victor or survivors draw or all lose. If at any time only one player has a Home SC, that player is immediately the solo winner. 


I’d play on a map of the middle east (thank you Doug for the map) to make this more realistic, but, heck, who wants to play a realistic and scary game.


Needs seven.

Signed up: Jim Burgess, Mark Firth, John David Galt, Doug Kent, Jack McHugh


  1. 2016 Republican and Democratic Presidential Candidate Bourse

Sign Up to Get Your Free 1,800 Shares of Bourse Stock With Face Value of 1,800 ZerosCubed.  First 27 Entrants Also Get Bonus Gift Packs!  Do It Now.

Playing: Richard Weiss, Hugh Polley, Mark Firth, Jack McHugh, and John David Galt


Anyone can join at any time. 


Rules in previous issues of ZeroSumCubed





By Popular Vote: Rules

A game of open participation. This is By Popular Demand, with a twist.  The GM lists a category and seven items in the category.  Each participant submits a name for each.  In addition, each entrant enters his or her own item fitting within the category and provides a name for that as well.  Each person’s “special entity” will likely be different.


Press is encouraged.   This is more about the press than the game.

Suggestions for future categories is encouraged. 




All Orders Due Sunday 20 September 2015 by 8 AM CA time.  (One week earlier than Doug’s deadline)


Aldrich Ames  Intimate Diplomacy  Germany (Jack McHugh) vs.  England (Geoff Kemp)


Pre Winter 00: Bidding on the Neutral Countries

Bids                             England/Mac EE Jelly            Jack (ME {Middle Europe})

Austria                                    0                                  3

France                         11                                6

Italy                             1                                  3

Russia                         8                                  4

Turkey                        0                                  1


Next orders are for Winter 1901 and bids for the neutral countries. 


Fall 1901 Orders for England (MAC EE Jelly Jelly)  NMR!

F Eng Channel
A Wal


A Bur

A Lvn
A Sil
F Rum


Orders for Fall 1901 for Germany (Jack) ME


F Den - Swe

A Kie - Hol

A Mun - Hold



A Gal - War

A Boh – S A Mun

A Tyr – S A Mun



A Tus – [Pie]

A Pie – [Mar]

F Tys - GoL



F Bla - Con

A Bul – [Rum]

A Arm - Sev


Supply Center Chart:

Austria: Budapest, Trieste, Vienna, + Warsaw = 4, may build one

England: Edinburgh, Liverpool, London = 3, even

France: Brest, Marseilles, Paris, = 3, even

Germany: Berlin, Kiel, Munich, Holland, Sweden = 5, may build 2

Italy: Naples, Rome, Venice = 3, even

Russia: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rumania = 3, must remove one OTB

Turkey: Ankara, Constantinople, Smyrna, Bulgaria, Sevastopol = 5, may build 2

Unowned: Belgium, Denmark, Greece, Norway, Portugal, Serbia, Spain, Tunis


Cash for Bidding:

Germany (Jack ME): Had 15, +5 = 20

England (Geoff, Mac EE Jelly Jelly):Had 1, +3 = 4


Map follows Guy Burgess adjudication


Orders for Winter 1901 and Bids for A/F/I/R/T due 20 September 2015 8 AM CA time

Game can move faster if both players submit moves early, I will adjudicate early.


Guy Burgess  Intimate Diplomacy (AKA: Puddle Jumper)

France (Doug Kent) vs. England (Mark Firth)


Pre-Spring 1901 Bids

Country           France England

Austria            2                      1

Germany         6                      7

Italy                 2                      3

Russia             5                      3

Turkey             1                      0


Spring 1901 Orders



A Budapest - Serbia

F Trieste – [Venice]

A Vienna - Bohemia



F Brest - English Channel

A Marseilles - Burgundy

A Paris - Gascony



A Moscow – St Petersburg

F Sevastopol – Rumania

F St Petersburg (SC) – Gulf of Bothnia

A Warsaw – Silesia



F Ankara – Black Sea

A Smyrna – Armenia

A Constantinople - Bulgaria 




All units for England, Germany and Italy stand in place                                         


F London

F Edinburgh

A Liverpool



F Kiel

A Berlin

A Munich



A Venice

A Rome

F Naples


Cash: England had 20, spent 10 = 10

            France had 20, spent 8 = 12

Map Follows Aldrich Ames Map


Orders for Fall 1901 due 20 September 2015 8 AM CA time

Game can move faster if both players submit moves early, I will adjudicate early.



By Popular Vote (AKA Sorta By Popular Demand)

Unlimited entrants.  Second round of possibly regular/erratic/only SBPD.  Send your favorite names. 





Round 2

Town Landmarks

Andy Lischett














Would I Li? Brary


Karl Marx


GM: No idea what PRNDL Park references, nor how to pronounce.  Would stump me as a personal license plate also.  Would I Li? Brary sets several zine best standards for creativity. Partial bridge is noted as both the author and GMs favorite. 


For next time, provide answers for seven and come up with one of your own.


Round 3

Person Names






Police Officer





Due 20 September 2015, 8 AM Oregon time.  Be there, or “Be Square” (obviously would be my choice for “square.”)


Where In The World Is Kendo Nagasaki in Doug Kent’s House


Round 1



Mark Firth



John Galt

David Beckham

Delhi, India

Doug Kent

Could not find

Kevin Wilson

Did not submit

Andy Lischett

Little Miss Muffet

1237 Kurdsan Way

Jim Burgess

Toshiro Mifune

Mt. Fuji

Andy York

Richard Weiss



Gender is correct.  I died before

   s/he was “born. “



Next guesses due before  8 AM CA time, Sunday 20 September 2015.




Presidential Bourse

Orders from John David Galt, Hugh Polley, and the GM.  All had a chance, in the interim, to trade any or all shares of Republican Other for Donald Trump.  Everyone did the maximum.  The prices of Other fell as though sold.  The price of Trump did not change.  At that time, I modified my advance sales and purchases.


The first paste is what each of us did.


The next paste is what all players’ holdings are as of 24 August 2015.



The final paste is what the total sells and buys have been for each candidate to date and what the current stock value is.


Of note, John and I are selling and buying maximum each time.  Hugh is selling maximum but buying in limited numbers, allowing his cash on hand to balloon.  I assume, there will be a massive buy as he goes all in on one or more candidates… but, I don’t know.  Just different tactics.



Orders for the Presidential Bourses are due 8 AM CA Time, Sunday 20 September 2015.


The Cathy and Pete Gaughan Memorial Snowball Fighting Game. 

Signed up: Jim Burgess; Doug Kent, Jack McHugh, Mark Firth, John David Galt, and Andy York.  So, Away we go. 


Game is always open to new players.  Get your thermals, snow pants, boots, microfiber shirts, snow jacket, mittens, scarf, ear muffs, and hat on.  Or have your Mommy help you and come on over for some snow ball fighting fun!  Hot chocolate when you wimp out. 


Rules are on the next two pages.


Third page from here is the map and the probability table.


Send your nom de guerre and preferred starting location. No limit to who starts where. 


Anyone who decides to join in the fracas, also send your nomme d’ball and your preferred starting location.  After the game starts, new players start at the edge of the shed.  Players can select which side, or GM decides randomly. 


I’m happy Doug sent the map as part of Perelandra.  Very appropriate, given this game is named for the pubber of Perelandra. 


Orders for Snowball Fighting are due 8 AM CA Time, Sunday 20 September 2015.







Game Openings

Diplomacy (Black Press): Signed up: Harold Zarr, need six more.

Modern Diplomacy (Black Press): Rules in this issue.  Ten-player variant.  No planes will be used, just armies and fleets.  Signed up: Jack McHugh, Jim Burgess, John David Galt, Geoff Kemp, Harold Zarr.  Needs five more.

Where in the World is Kendo Nagasaki: Rules in issue #102.  Send in your guesses.  Prize for the winner?  Probably!  (Don’t forget to play in Richard Weiss’ subzine too!)

Hypothetical Questions: Just send in answers.  Anybody can play at any time, just takes participation.

By Popular Demand: Join at any time.  Send in your answers!  A prize for the winner!

Multiple Openings in Richard Weiss’ subzine – check them out NOW!!

Coming Soon – Colonia VII?  Deviant Diplomacy?  Kremlin?  Make a suggestion or express interest!

Eternal Sunshine Game Section


Diplomacy, “Milk and Trash”, 2015A, S 03


Austria (Jack McHugh – jwmchughjr “of” A Budapest Supports A Vienna – Galicia,

 F Greece - Aegean Sea, A Rumania Supports A Vienna - Galicia (*Disbanded*),

 A Serbia Supports A Albania – Greece, A Trieste - Vienna (*Fails*), A Vienna - Galicia (*Bounce*).

England (Mark Firth – mark.r.firth “of” F English Channel - Brest (*Fails*),

 F Mid-Atlantic Ocean - Spain(sc) (*Bounce*), F North Sea Supports A Holland – Belgium,

 A Norway - St Petersburg.

France (Paul Milewskipaul.milewski “of” F Brest Hold, F Gascony - Spain(nc) (*Bounce*),

 F North Atlantic Ocean – Liverpool, A Picardy Supports F Brest, A Spain - Portugal.

Germany (Jim Burgess – jfburgess “of” F Baltic Sea Supports F Denmark – Sweden,

 A Belgium – Burgundy, F Denmark – Sweden, F Helgoland Bight – Holland, A Holland – Belgium,

 A Munich Supports A Belgium – Burgundy,

Italy (John Biehljerbil “of” A Albania – Greece, F Ionian Sea Supports F Greece - Aegean Sea,

 A Tyrolia Hold, F Tyrrhenian Sea Hold.

Russia (Kevin Wilson – ckevinw “of” F Gulf of Bothnia Supports A Norway – Sweden

 (*Void*), F Sevastopol – Rumania, A Ukraine Supports A Warsaw – Galicia, A Warsaw - Galicia (*Bounce*).

Turkey (John David Galt – jdg “of” A Ankara Hold,

 A Bulgaria Supports F Sevastopol – Rumania, F Constantinople – Smyrna, A Smyrna - Syria.


Deadline for F 03 is September 29th at 7am my time





Russia to all:  I’ve had an email crash.  My Outlook files have become corrupted and I haven’t gotten the issue fixed yet, if it can be fixed at all.  I have no email history prior to 8/3.  So, if we had any long-term plans in place, I have no history to know that.  My apologies if, as a result, we are both surprised.  :-)


GERMAN MOVES to FRENCH HOLDERS: Paul, without any input from you this turn, I decided to take the other deal on the table, sorry... I haven't actually done anything yet, though, so feel free to discuss.


GERMAN FORTH to ENGLISH FIRTH: OK, well that worked better, finally got through that pesky Russian attempts to calm the Swedes, we will calm them just fine.


JIM-BOB to KEVIN: Sorry, my man, but that was the way to go.


BOOB to FLAP: Anschluss still working!!!


BURGESS to BIEHL: I love your authentic Golden Age press, so much better than my Byrne/Williams/Langley trained infield banter.  But I don't think it will stop Flap from attacking...


BOOB to DOUGIE BOY: All useless annoying press, I know, that's all my Boobish brain could produce, but at least you have some!


GM – Boob: That’s you, useless and annoying.  Wait, that’s me….

Black Press Gunboat, “Noah’s Titanic”, 2015Arb32, F 02


Austria: A Budapest - Trieste (*Bounce*), F Greece Supports A Serbia – Bulgaria, A Serbia - Bulgaria.

England: F English Channel - Brest (*Fails*), F London - North Sea, F Norway Supports F London - North Sea,

 A Picardy Supports F English Channel - Brest.

France: F Brest Hold, A Burgundy – Paris, F Mid-Atlantic Ocean Supports F Brest, A Spain Hold.

Germany: F Baltic Sea Supports F Denmark – Sweden, A Bohemia – Munich, F Denmark – Sweden,

 A Holland – Ruhr, A Munich - Berlin.

Italy: F Ionian Sea - Aegean Sea, F Tunis - Ionian Sea, A Tyrolia – Trieste, A Venice Supports A Tyrolia - Trieste.

Russia: NMR! A Moscow Hold, A Rumania Hold (*Dislodged*, retreat to Ukraine or Galicia or Serbia or OTB),

 F Sevastopol Hold, A Silesia Hold,

 F Sweden Hold (*Dislodged*, retreat to Skagerrak or Gulf of Bothnia or Finland or OTB).

Turkey: Retreat A Serbia – Albania.. A Albania - Trieste (*Fails*), A Armenia - Sevastopol (*Fails*),

 F Black Sea Supports A Bulgaria – Rumania, A Bulgaria - Rumania.


I will call a standby player for Russia in case the original doesn’t return

Deadline for A/W 02 and S 03 will be September 29th at 7am My Time


Supply Center Chart


Austria:            Budapest, Bulgaria, Greece, Vienna=4, Build 1

England:          Belgium, Edinburgh, Liverpool, London, Norway=5, Build 1

France:            Brest, Marseilles, Paris, Portugal, Spain=5, Build 1

Germany:         Berlin, Denmark, Holland, Kiel, Munich, Sweden=6, Build 1

Italy:                Naples, Rome, Trieste, Tunis, Venice=5, Build 1

Russia:             Moscow, Sevastopol, St Petersburg, Warsaw, Serbia?=4 or 5, Even or Build 1

Turkey:            Ankara, Constantinople, Rumania, Serbia?, Smyrna=4 or 5, Even or Build 1




Germany to Russia:   No need for further conflict between us.  I have not invaded any of your lands, while you have invaded mine.  I invite you to leave to avoid needless bloodshed.  Failure to do so, will only lead to an unfortunate conflict – with you as the loser.


Germany to France:   My thanks to you for your support.  There is no need for you to be worried about conflict between us.


Germany to England:            Your trust is well placed.  You have a friend in your cousin.  Russia is our common enemy.


Germany to Turkey:  Russia is ripe for the picking.  Enjoy a fine harvest!


The late days of summer were upon the land.  The people were happy, as they anticipated a fine harvest given the bountiful summer rains and warming sunshine.  But as they prepared for the fall, they suddenly seemed to feel a cold breeze, as if out of nowhere it sprang.  The woodsmen spoke of strange signs in the woods and mountains.  EAGLES, FALCONS, and RAVENS were seen heading to the south, far earlier than normal.  Even beasts of the forest, BEARS, LIONS, PANTHERS, and JAGUARS were seen to leaving their hunting grounds and if sensing some unforeseen danger.  The mystics among them spoke that even the legendary TITANS and GIANTS had left, leaving no sign. Worried, the townspeople went to the old woman in the woods, old beyond any reckoning, and begged her to tell them what these signs meant.  Looking at them, with tears in her eyes she spoke only this:  “The VIKINGS are coming!”


GM to Germany: It fascinates me how much time you spend writing press to me.


Germany to GM: Really? I guess it's because you are the only person who's engaging with me.


GM to Germany: Fair enough. But, I can't really help you.


Germany to GM: Oh, sure you can! My man! You can move all the pieces around as you see fit.


GM to Germany: Fair point. Feel free to send me your requests.


Germany to GM: I can count on you then?


GM to Germany: I have never stabbed you.


Germany to GM: Good point.


Venice to Rome and Naples: You guys fixing to do something or are you just gonna stand there and bleed?


Sultan to Pope: You have nice, shiny boats there yer popeness! Any chance they could head somewhere useful, like Gibraltar or Valhalla?


Il Duce to Kaiser: Perhaps you will permit my friend to borrow Munich for a few turns, eh?


Italy – Germany: It’s true, I don’t. But I think your comments might just be meant for someone else.


Il Duce – Archduke: You seem to be prospering now, so I’m sure you won’t mind a bit of wealth redistribution amongst your ally.


Il Duce – Sultan:  Now I find out your missives have been going to the Prussian Linguistics Dep’t! No wonder Germany is one step ahead of the game. Tell you what, I’ll come over to your place and we can chat.


By Popular Demand


The goal is to pick something that fits the category and will be the "most popular" answer. You score points based on the number of entries that match yours. For example, if the category is "Cats" and the responses were 7 for Persian, 3 for Calico and 1 for Siamese, everyone who said Persian would get 7 points, Calico 3 and the lone Siamese would score 1 point. The cumulative total over 10 rounds will determine the overall winner. Anyone may enter at any point, starting with an equivalent point total of the lowest cumulative score from the previous round. If a person misses a round, they'll receive the minimum score from the round added to their cumulative total. In each round you may specify one of your answers as your Joker answer.  Your score for this answer will be doubled.  In other words, if you apply your Joker to category 3 on a given turn, and 4 other people give the same answer as you, you get 10 points instead of 5.  Players who fail to submit a Joker for any specific turn will have their Joker automatically applied to the first category. And, if you want to submit some commentary with your answers, feel free to.  The game will consist of 10 rounds, with the 10th round being worth double points.  A prize will be awarded to the winner.  Research is permitted, but cooperation or collusion between players is not!


Round 2 Categories


1.    A U.S. Political Party other than Democrat or Republican.

2.    A pop music star (individual or band) from the 1980’s.

3.    The weight of a newborn baby (in pounds, rounded to the nearest pound).

4.    A poet.

5.    A book by Dr. Seuss other than The Cat in the Hat.


Note from last turn – in Round 1 Dane Maslen scored 50, not the 46 shown.


Congrats to Richard Weiss who scored the highest maximum score of 55.  Andy Lischett brought up the rear with a low 33.


Comments By Category


Political Party – Dick Martin “i started out with independent, but i'm registered as independent and there isn't a party attached to it. probably overthinking this, aren't i?”  Brenadan Whyte “Tempted by American Nazi Party…and the Surprise Party.”  Marc Ellinger “Thank you 3rd party losers, you gave us Bill Clinton (and his worthless wife).   The good news is that you made it up by letting us elect George W. Bush in 2000!!  Or as Kang said in the Simpsons “Go ahead, throw your vote away.”  Mark Firth “I believe the Blues Bros wiped out the Illinois Nazis.”  Geoff Kemp “sorry I had to cheat and look on Google - The only one I thought I had heard on TV was the Tea Party but then thought they were part of one of the main too. I am afraid I know very little about American politics> It sems that you have a Green Party so will go for them.  As an aside how do these other parties work as I see some do have seats in state legislature. Do they just stand at state level because apart from a couple of  Independents - The Senate and Representatives are all either Democrat or Republicans?”  [[First, in BPD research is permitted.  So you didn’t cheat.  As to your aside, most voters choose to vote only for Democrat or Republican but many minor parties from Libertarian to Communist run candidates in most House or Senate elections (and Presidential ones) but they only receive a smattering of votes.]]


Pop Music – Marc Ellinger “I once read an article that said children born in the 70’s and 80’s uniformly think MJ was the best of all time….of course they were talking about Michael Jordan!!”  Dane Maslen “I have a nasty suspicion I ought to try to find an American answer.”


Baby Weight – Marc Ellinger “7 is too small, 9 too big (ask my wife about that one!!)”  Dane Maslen “Playing the joker here seems the best plan as only 7 and 8 seen reasonable answers given that the normal weight is 7 1/2.”  Mark Firth “This is an estimate: I know what a bowling ball weighs and I’ve seen a baby and can surmise its composition.”  Jim Burgess “Tricking us with the nearest Pound, everyone knows the answer to this is 7.5, so you have to go one way or the other.”


Poet – Richard Weiss “While Pablo Neruda is my favorite and the author of the only book of Poetry I have, I doubt he has a chance.  So go old, go those we read in school.  I'll go with the once-Poet Laureate of my home state, Robert Frost.”  Marc Ellinger “The woods are lovely, dark and deep, but I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep.”   Great line from Telefon, oh and it’s a line of poetry too.”  Jim Burgess “This one is really tough... you think of Homer, you think of Maya Angelou (of the almost alive ones), you think of Robert Frost, or Emily Dickinson.  I think Emily Dickinson will be the crowd favorite.”


Dr. Seuss – Richard Weiss “Green Eggs and Ham, although Butter Battle Book is a thought that won't get any votes, and If I ran the zoo or To think that I saw it on Mulberry Street are my faves.”  Marc Ellinger “Reminds me of fond days in the past, except the son of sam stuff (I am Sam, Sam I am…, scary!!)”  Jim Burgess “Oh gosh, Green Eggs and Ham?  Horton Hears a Who?  But for DIPPERS, it has to be the Grinch Who Stole Christmas.”


Round 3 Categories – Don’t Forget to Choose a Joker Category (Double Points)


1.    A button found on a calculator.

2.    A button found on a car radio.

3.    A button found on a microwave oven.

4.    A button found on a smartphone.

5.    A button found in an elevator.


Deadline for Round 3 is September 29th at 7am My Time


General Deadline for the Next Issue of Eternal Sunshine:  September 29th, 2015 at 7:00am my time. Hope to See You Then!